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The September 20th Storming of Area 51

Updated on August 25, 2019
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A look into the Storm Area 51 They Can't Stop Us All Phenomenon.

What Is The Area 51 They Can't Stop Us All Movement?

So in the recent weeks the hottest topic blazing across the social media landscape and the internet blogs and vlogs is the Area 51 They Can't Stop Us All Facebook page that started out as a joke, but has now evolved into somewhat of a Pop Culture phenomenon complete with memes and a sign up list with over 1.7 million people saying they are going to the base on September 20th, 2019 at 3 AM to storm the gates and 3 million more are interested in the event.

Storm Area 51 Meme

The Creator of the Facebook Page

In the words of the page's creator Matty Roberts of Bakersfield California

"We will all meet up at Area 51 tourist attraction and coordinate our entry. If we Nuruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Lets see them aliens."

But the man Matty Roberts that created the event on facebook recently came out to many media outlets saying.

“It started out as a pure stroke of imagination, something funny, something cool, but I don’t want anyone to get hurt,”

With the recent numbers of over a million plus people signing on to storm the base he's come to the realization that his joke has gotten way out of hand.

Nuruto Running Area 51.
Nuruto Running Area 51.

Will They Come?

The Problems They Face

The sobering and scary reality is that a small percentage of these people may take the joke to far and actually try to cross the base property line. Even if only a small percentage of those that say they are serious about going show up to the event there could be a very real logistical nightmare for the local law enforcement and communities of Lincoln County Nevada.

What Could Go Wrong?

Let's say only one percent of a million people show up. That's still thousands of people trying to get down that little two lane road that goes into the base. Imagine the traffic nightmare as people park miles away to the side of the road to walk the rest of the way to the entrance. And the distances this road covers are great. This is not the type of environment most people are used to. We are talking the dead of summer in the hot desert landscape of Nevada where the average temperature at that time of year is in the eighties. There is a reason the government chose this place to test secret aircraft and blow up atomic and nuclear bombs.

Not to mention trash and other issues like bathrooms and since this is an event be prepared for venders to take advantage by selling everything from five dollars cans of sodas and bottled waters to "I Survived The Area 51 Storming of 2019!" t shirts. Food trucks and snack peddlers will be in full swing and blow up black eyed alien dolls and Area 51 UFO toy souvenirs will be rife with crowds that will gather to watch the none event of the year. It could be like the X Files meets Woodstock with miles of trampled desert life and a massive mess left behind by such an event for some poor souls to have to clean up.

And then of course the big question looms... What happens if some of the crowd try to storm the base?

Get Ready Storm Area 51 Merchandise

Use Of Deadly Force Authorized


They Mean Business

So if a person decides they are going to try and cross the base property line the private security is authorized to detain at gun point and then search your person and then take any devices like phones and recording devices, detain you and escort you or transport you to the main highway or the Extraterrestrial Hwy so that the Lincoln County Sheriff can arrest you and fine you with a seven hundred and fifty dollar ticket for trespassing on military property. They are authorized to use deadly force if confronted by a hostile person. The best bet is to not piss these guys off by doing the obvious thing you are not supposed to do as it clearly is stated on the signs when you get near the entrance.

YouTube MacADVentures Published on Oct 10, 2016

Lincoln County Sheriff


Do Area 51 The Right Way

There are ways to do the tourist thing in Nevada and enjoy the pop culture vibe that persists with the place in the middle of nowhere. It is a counter culture full of UFO lore and stories of government projects and alien craft and even recovered alien bodies that linger on the fringe of paranormal.

For $204 US dollars Adventure Las Vegas Tours will take you on a tour to the nearby ancient dry lake where you will view very unusual Indian Petroglyphs that resemble aliens and from there you will go to Rachel Nevada to the Little A'le' Inn Then they take you to the infamous Black Mailbox. Only to finally arrive at the absolute perimeter of Area 51 where the remote sensors and Camo Dudes surround the road into the desert in all directions.

No arrests, no fines, no guns. Just plain old touristy fun.


The Little A' Le' Inn


After an amazing journey through a stunning Joshua Tree Forest we arrive on the edge of an ancient dry lake where we view very unusual Indian Petroglyphs which are thousands of years old
After an amazing journey through a stunning Joshua Tree Forest we arrive on the edge of an ancient dry lake where we view very unusual Indian Petroglyphs which are thousands of years old

Infamous Area 51 Black Mail Box

Camo Dudes

Main Entrance



See results

The Grey Alien and I Say "Be Safe!"

Per Donation you can come to the event and enjoy...

Alienstock Arts and Music Camping Festival

Yes that's me many years ago.
Yes that's me many years ago.

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