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Cruise Ship Jobs Increase in Canada and Worldwide

Updated on February 3, 2014
(Photos this page, public domain).
(Photos this page, public domain).

Opportunity in Canada

Canada contains natural beauty and wide open spaces on land and on water all over the nation. Commercial Fishing and Trucking have been examined in Canada and on the sea in Cable TV series such as Ice Road Truckers and Most Dangerous Catch. These industry sectors offer high-paying and highly dangerous careers. Cruiseline occupations may also yield high pay, although many require long hours for many days at a time before a break occurs. Still, Cruise Ship Jobs can be exciting and offer the chance of travel that workers would likely not be able to access otherwise or until later in life.

Where are jobs in Canada that involves boats and ships? This Hub will find out the details of the Transport Industry and Commercial Fishing around the country.

For additional information about jobs that involve boats and ships, please contact the following departments of the Candian Job Futures recommendations:

Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance
907-75 Albert Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5E7
Telephone: (613) 239-0612

The Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters
102 Bank Street, Suite 202
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5N4
Tel: (613) 235-3474

National Seafood Sector Council
85 Albert Street, Suite 1505
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6A4
Tel: (613) 782-2391
Fax: (613) 782-2386

Canadian Job Futures

While in the trades and manaufacting industry sector, ship and boat related jobs are not in high demand overall, there remain job openings that you can see below, categorized in a few aspects of ships' use in cargo transport, cruise ships, fishing/fishery, and general ship jobs.

Among the Trades in Canada, Healthcare offers the most highly in-demand jobs in

  1. Dental Hygiene/Assistant Technologies
  2. Nursing - Other
  3. Nursing Aide/Orderly

Cities Needed the Most Workers


  1. Mississauga, ON
  2. Regina, SK
  3. Calgary, AB
  4. Moncton, NB
  5. Kitchener, ON
  6. Vaughan, ON
  7. Edmonton, AB
  8. Windsor, ON
  9. Vancouver, BC
  10. Toronto, ON
  11. Stratford, ON
  12. Dartmouth, NS
  13. Markham, ON
  14. Thompson, MB

Cargo Ship Jobs in Canada

The most high-demand Cargo Ship Jobs on the international job search and trending engine, Canada are:

  1. Warehousemen or women
  2. Forklift Truck Operators
  3. Material Handlers
  4. Boom Truck Crane Operators
  5. Part Runner Warehouse Hands
  6. Naval Communicators
  7. Naval Electronic Sensor Operators
  8. Resource Management Support Clerks
  9. Naval Comb Information Operators
  10. Sonar Operators
  11. Traffic Technicians
  12. Lumber Handlers
  13. Custom Clearance Agents
  14. Logistic Officers


Candadian Ships and Shipping

Hiring Companies with the Most Jobs

  1. Canadian Forces Recruiting
  2. AppleOne Employment
  3. Gregory Signs
  4. Canadian Home Builders' Association Saskatchewan, Inc.
  5. Spherion Staffing Solutions
  6. Don Park LP
  7. Buckley Search Inc.
  8. FIO Automotive Canada Corporation
  9. Metro Canada Logistics
  10. Advantage Personnel
  11. Nafta Warehousing Services
  12. Paul's Transport
  13. Dryden Air Services
  14. BC Maritme Employers Association
  15. Round 5 Corporation


Largest Cruise Ship in the World, 2010

Increased Demand for Cruise Jobs Forecast for 2010 - 2020

During 2009 - 2013, the Cruise Industry continued to expand, according to member cruise lines of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

While not all of this success was specifically tied to Canada, cruise lines of other nations sail in and out of Canada and may increase number further in the 2010s.

Nearly 13,500,000 passengers cruises on ships in the membership of CLIA in 2009, an apparent increase over 2008 and 2007. Canadians and Americans (USA) made up over 76% of those passengers. However, the nearly 24% of International passengers has been slowing climbing in recent years and the trend is expected to continue.

The official forecast for 2010 is for 14,300,000 passengers from Canada and USA and another 3,600,000 from other countries (17,900,000 total in 2010). This is quite a healthy growth over 2009, which will require more ships and more staff. The growth trend is expected to fill the years through 2020.

For details, see: Cruise Lines International Association

Top 10 Cities

  1.  Toronto, ON
  2. St. George's, NL
  3. Cambridge ON
  4. Vancouver BC
  5. Cornwall ON
  6. Windsor ON
  7. Stoke QC
  8. Devon AB
  9. Surrey BC
  10. Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia

Cruise Ship Jobs in Canada

Not many Cruise Ship Job openings exist in Canada, but the top offers are:

  1. Personal Trainers - Physical fitness
  2. Event Venue Operations Managers
  3. Chef De Partie
  4. Accommodation Service Managers
  5. Restaurant jobs
  6. Activity Associates
  7. Travel Counselors
  8. Hospitality jobs  

Hard Life on a Cruise Ship

Hiring Companies

  1. Sobur Limited
  2. Drake International
  3. Just Cruis'n Recruitment Inc. C/O Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises
  4. Expedia Cruiseship Centers
  5. Halifax Regional Municipality


Top Hiring Cities

  1.  Calgary, AB
  2. St. John's, NL
  3. Halifax, NS
  4. Ottawa, ON
  5. Burnaby, BC
  6. Prince Rupert, BC
  7. Fort McMurray, AB
  8. Red Deer, AB
  9. Mississauga, ON
  10. North York, ON
  11. Shelburne, NS
  12. Whitby, ON
  13. Caraquet, NB
  14. Cartwright, NL

Top Fishery Jobs

  1. Fishery Observers
  2. Stewards
  3. GIS Specialists
  4. Student in fishery/fishing
  5. Project Administrative Assistants
  6. Project Managers
  7. District Ecosystem Managers
  8. Air Comb System Officers
  9. Sealing Industry Consultants
  10. Hydrogeologists
  11. Environmental Technologists
  12. Fishery Biologists
  13. Environmental Scientists

Top Job Listers in Fishing

  1. Stantec
  2. Fisheries and Oceans
  3. Canadian forces recruiting
  4. AECOM
  5. Newfoundland Labrador
  6. AMEC
  7. MaxSys
  8. Victoria Co-op Fisheries
  9. Canadian Coast Guard 
  10. Ocean Fisheries Ltd. Royal Plant
  11. Biorex Inc.
  12. Ministry of Transportation
  13. A. Harvey & Company
  14. Atlantic Catch Data Limited
  15. Trow Global


Highest Concentration of Openings for Ship Jobs

  1. Toronto, Mississauga, and Ontario ON
  2. Quebec, Montreal, Saguenay/Lac-Saint-Jean, Mauricie,Bas-Saint-Laurent,Abitibi-Témiscamingue, and Estrie QC
  3. St. John's NL
  4. Halifax NS
  5. Calgary AB
  6. Regina SK

Top Hiring Companies

  1. Canadian Forces
  2. Career Beacon
  3. Getronics
  4. CompuCom
  5. AppleOne Employment
  6. Noramtec Consultants Vancouver Ltd.
  7. American Eagle Outfitters
  8. VMware
  9. Groom and Associates
  10. Staffing Experts Solutions Inc.
  11. Brinks Canada Limited
  12. Aramco

Misc. "Ship" Jobs

This category yields the highest number of ship and boat related job in Canada, with nearly 1700 open positions listed in mid-January, 2010 and increasing during year 2011 - 2012.

The highest in-demand jobs related to transport ships are:

  1. Sonar Operators
  2. Naval Comb System Engineering Jobs
  3. Marine System Engineering Jobs
  4. Naval Communicators
  5. Naval Electronic Technicians
  6. Naval Weapon Technicians
  7. Marine Engineering Mechanics
  8. Medical Technicians
  9. Biomedical Electronic Technologists
  10. Maritime Surface and Subsurface Jobs
  11. Aerospace Control Jobs
  12. Cooks
  13. Medical Radiation Technologists
  14. Aviation System Technicians

Comments and Job News in Canada

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      Great article! I've always thought that working on a cruise ship would be awesome. I know there's a lot of WORK to it, but who else can say that they work where where many people take vacations?

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      THANK YOU for all of the fine comments made to this thread.

      I am happy that you are all becoming well known writers at HubPages!

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      dusanotes 8 years ago from Windermere, FL

      I lived in Calgary, Canada one summer while going to college and know what a great city that is. It was coming on strong when I was young, but I understand with the mineral and oil businesses this is really the hub of Canada's western business and industrial activity. Thanks for the Hub. Don

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