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The World’s Oldest Known City – Oldest City in the World – and the 2 Million Years Old Turkana Boy

Updated on March 29, 2014

Rev. Harry Leakey and Mary Leakey

Rev. Harry Leakey and his wife Mary Leakey must have been a package by Her Majesty the Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland to the people of Africa. The mission was to introduce God to the Africans. By 1900, Harry and Mary were already in Nairobi under the umbrella of the Church Missionary Society. The task was well executed - converting the Africans to Christianity up to the current level of more than 85% Christians.

Louis Leakey, Adam and Eve

Whilst in Kenya, Harry and his wife Mary gave birth to a son whom they called Louis Leakey. In an attempt to introduce Louis to Christianity, the dad Harry and mum Mary must have introduced Louis to the story of Adam and Eve. Louis must have found this story of creation and origin of man very interesting that he set to devote his entire life studying the origin of man. Louis became an archaeologist and naturalist and set himself in establishing human evolutionary development. It was Louis who in his natural philosophy theory asserted that Charles Darwin’ theory of evolution was accurate and went ahead in trying to prove Darwin’s hypothesis that man must have arisen in Africa. Yes, he had to prove Darwin’s hypothesis when he was still a devoted Christian.

Richard Leakey - Does Richard Leakey believe in God?
Richard Leakey - Does Richard Leakey believe in God?

Richard Leakey Is Born

In the meantime, Louis and his wife (also Mary) gave birth to Richard Leakey. Richard inherited the trait of his father and went on to become a paleontologist, a conservationist and a politician. Richard Leakey must have been born very lucky - At 11, Richard fell from his horse and broke his skull and leg. At 35, Richard had a terminal kidney disease and received a kidney transplant to full health. At 40, Richard Leakey lost both his legs when his propeller-driven plane crashed and still survived, walking on artificial limbs. Richard must have had a lucky life but does Richard Leakey believe in God? Ask him that question for you will get an answer

The Turkana Boy

In 1984, Richard Leakey, together with Kamoya Kimeu, went on to discover the Turkana Boy, a nearly complete skeleton of a 12-year-old hominid boy who died 1.5 million years ago in the early Pleistocene. The Turkana boy was 5 ft 3 in tall when he died. This Homo ergaster/Homo erectus had a greater ability to run than the Kenyans long distance runners. The Turkana boy lived a harsh and demanding lifestyle and must have had deep melanin to survive in open land under such conditions. The boy was an accomplished hunter and gatherer.

Turkana Boy - The Turkana boy is a 12-year-old hominid boy who died 1.5 million years ago in the early Pleistocene. Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons.
Turkana Boy - The Turkana boy is a 12-year-old hominid boy who died 1.5 million years ago in the early Pleistocene. Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons.

Hunter and Gatherer

One Sunday morning, the Turkana boy may have gathered a few fruits and must have headed to the nearby city of Turkana or Lodwar to entice young girls. Since the Turkana boy had narrower thoracic vertebrae to make complex speech as we do, he must have used signs to communicate effectively with his girlfriends in Turkana city. Ask Aya Katz how you may have developed a language having evolved from the Turkana boy – she can lecture you on this subject until breakfast tomorrow morning.

Turkana Young Girls in Turkana Town - these beauties would have made an easy catch for the Turkana boy.
Turkana Young Girls in Turkana Town - these beauties would have made an easy catch for the Turkana boy.

Oldest City in the World

Each one of us would like his city to hold the title of the oldest city in the world. The Turkana boy would also have wished so. Unfortunately, the Turkana boy did not keep good records. It was the Arabs, the Greeks and the Romans who did keep good records. This therefore means we have to abandon the Turkana boy and his would-be city and feature the cities of Damascus, Byblos, Jericho, Varanasi, etc as the competitors for the title of the oldest city in the world.


Damascus is the word’s oldest city in the world. It’s the cultural and religious center of the Levant. Today, the city has a population of about 2 millions. Damascus is in southwestern Syria. Damascus was first settled as early as 7000 years before Christ. Compare this with the Turkana boy who was here no less than 1,500,000 years before Christ.

Damascus - Damascus is the words oldest city.
Damascus - Damascus is the words oldest city.

Your City of Origin

Below is a listing of the world’s oldest cities. If you do not find your city here, do not worry. The truth is you must have originated from somewhere where there was a city, based on the definition of a city by your ancestors

The World's Known Oldest Cities

  1. Van - Turkey
  2. Jericho- West Bank
  3. Byblos - Lebanon
  4. Susa - Iran
  5. Sidon - Lebanon
  6. Medinat Al-Fayoum - Egypt
  7. Plovdiv - Bulgaria
  8. Gaziantep - Turkey
  9. Rayy - Iran
  10. Beirut - Lebanon
  11. Jerusalem - Israel
  12. Tyre - Lebanon
  13. Arbil - Iraq
  14. Kirkuk - Iraq
  15. Jaffa - Israel
  16. Aleppo - Syria
  17. Balkh - Afghanistan
  18. Chania Crete - Greece
  19. Larnaca - Cyprus
  20. ThebesBoeotia - Greece
  21. Athens - Greece
  22. Lisbon - Portugal
  23. Cádiz Andalusia - Spain
  24. Varanasi - India
  25. Xi'an - China
  26. Chios - Greece
  27. Mytilene - Greece
  28. Anuradhapura - Sri Lanka
  29. Nijmegen - Netherlands
  30. Naples- Italy
  31. Hamadan - Iran
  32. Yerevan - Armenia
  33. Ujjain - India
  34. Rome - Italy
  35. Corfu - Greece
  36. Samarqand - Uzbekistan
  37. Varna - Bulgaria
  38. Istanbul - Turkey
  39. Durrës - Albania
  40. Berat - Albania
  41. Kavala - Greece
  42. Mangalia - Romania
  43. Constanţa - Romania
  44. Mantua - Italy
  45. Herat - Afghanistan
  46. Delhi - India
  47. Madurai - India
  48. Beijing - China
  49. Ife - Nigeria
  50. Patna - India
  51. Vaisali - India
  52. Rajagriha - India
  53. Serres - Greece
  54. Veria - Greece
  55. Rhodes- Greece
  56. Belgrade - Serbia
  57. Shkodër - Albania
  58. Thessaloniki - Greece
  59. Ohrid - Macedonia
  60. Paris - France
  61. Guangzhou - China
  62. Zürich - Switzerland
  63. Trier - Germany
  64. Chur - Switzerland
  65. Solothurn - Switzerland
  66. London – UK

Good. Now that my city is listed here, I still do not think I am any fortunate than the Turkana boy, or what do you think?.

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