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The Country of Suriname

Updated on September 11, 2019
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This author loves to research and write about traditional cultures.

Koti slavery abolition

Koti slavery abolition
Koti slavery abolition | Source


Republic of Suriname achieved independence from Netherlands in 1975 and considered the most ethnically diverse country in the world. With a land mass 165,000sqm the smallest country is bordered by Guyana (West), Brazil (South), Atlantic Ocean (North) French Guyana (East).

It has a population about 550,000 with largest capital Paramaribo with 240,000 inhabitants. The official language spoken by majority of the populace is Dutch with diverse ethnic groups, languages and religions.

Indigenous people

One of the lagerst tribes and Indigenous settlers are Arawak people. Others are the Caribo tribes, Akurio, Wayana, Warrau and Trio. Non indigenous settlers include Dutch, English, Spanish, and French. Maroons(runaway slaves). Maroon tribes are the Matawai, Boni, Aukan, Ndyuka, Aluku, Saramaka, Paramaka.

People of Suriname

  • Arawak
  • Caribo
  • Akurio
  • Wayana
  • Warrau
  • Trio

This is the flag of Suriname

This is the flag of suriname
This is the flag of suriname

Non indigenous settlers

  • Dutch
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French

Maroon tribes

  • Matawai
  • Boni
  • Aukan
  • Ndyuka
  • Aluku
  • Saramaka
  • Paramaka.


Dutch as a mother tongue is the official language spoken by two-thirds of the population. The only Dutch speaking country in South America with Dutch dialects like Flemish Dutch, Dutch-Dutch Surinamese Dutch and local Creole Dutch popularly spoken.

Other languages spoken are English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Amerindian, and Javanese.

Languages in Suriname

  • Dutch
  • Flemish Dutch
  • Dutch-Dutch
  • Surinamese Dutch
  • local Creole Dutch
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese
  • Amerindian

National holidays

Suriname has about 20 national holidays that run from January to December. January holidays are New Year’s Day January 1, three king’s day 6 January, world religion day and Chinese New Year and Day of Revolution 25 February.

March to July holidays are Holi, Good Friday, Easter March/April. On May 1 Labor day. May/June Ascension day, June 5 Indian Arrival day, Keti Koti on July 1. August holidays are Japanese Arrival Day, Indigenous Peoples Day.

October has Day of the Maroons 10 October, Chinese Arrival Day 20 October, Diwali October/November. In December you have Christmas and Boxing Day.

National Holidays

  • New year’s day January 1
  • Three kings day 6 January
  • World religion day
  • Chinese New Year
  • Day of Revolution 25 February
  • Holi
  • Good Friday, Easter March/April
  • Labor day
  • Ascension day
  • Indian Arrival day
  • Keti Koti on July 1
  • Japanese Arrival Day
  • Indigenous Peoples Day
  • Day of the Maroons 10 October
  • Chinese Arrival Day 20 October
  • Diwali October/November
  • Christmas
  • Boxing Day

City/towns and population

A huge population is found along coast line with municipals located in metropolitan. The largest city Paramaribo accounts for over half the entire population. Paramaribo population is over 230 000 inhabitants. Other cities have population that range from 18,000 to 2,000 inhabitants.

Name of cities and districts

Cities are Paramaribo the district is Paramaribo , Nieuw Nickerie- district Nickerie, Albina-district Marowijine, Groningen- district Saramacca, Brownsweg- district Brokopondo, Marienburg-district Commewijne, Lelydrop- district Wanica, Moengo-district Marowijne, Wageningen- district Nickerie, Nieuw Amstredam- District Commewijne.


Suriname’s religious reflects its multicultural diversity. 20% of Indo-Surinamese population are Hindus, 50% Christian, 15% Indian Javanese Muslims and 15% other religions.

Therefore Hinduism is the second largest religion with Christians the largest religious group. Christians are segmentation into 20% Roman Catholics, 10% Pentecostal, and 25% Protestants 4% Moravian.

Religion in Suriname

  • Hindus 20%
  • Roman Catholics 20%
  • Pentecostal 10%
  • Protestants 20%
  • Moravian 4%
  • Muslims15%
  • Other religions 15%

If you are looking for an interesting destination then Suriname ia a good place to start.


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