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The different places of Downtown Los Angeles

Updated on August 18, 2012

" It was the most exciting weekend of my life. It was the right mixture of nobodies and celebrities."

- Andy Warhol ( On his first visit to Los Angeles)

The city of Los Angeles was first started by some settlers who came from Mexico in 1781 because of their decision to have their own political power in America once they were there they had the chance to own their homes and businesses the name the settlers used before Los Angeles was "El pueblo de nuestra senora Reina de Los Angeles " in Spanish for English it was called village of our lady queen of the angels which made Los Angeles well influenced by its Latino heritage that was bought forth by the people in other words Los Angeles is a city full of cultural diversity.

The film industry began in the early 20Th century when the first beginner's got into building the film studios from where the movies where made. They were located all over the east side of Los Angeles, silver lake all the way to downtown, Hollywood and Culver city. Mainly the individuals who were architects were the ones who were hired to construct the movie theaters in order for all the fashion events to take place at film premiers. Hollywood's golden age was in the 1930's when Los Angeles was popular for having a lot of movie cinema theaters than any place that you have been before this place is named the "historic theater district" which extends six city blocks with the most concentration of pre WWII movie contents that would be shown. Today these old theaters no longer show movies which in my opinion I think they still should show movies in those old movie places so that way people can have the chance to see how those old movie places where back then.

The ballons at chinatown
The ballons at chinatown
This is how chinatown looks like at night.
This is how chinatown looks like at night.

The result is that many of these places are now being used for churches, swap-meets and for movie filming so as you can tell it is enough to delight a film geek.


This hotel is in my opinion unique in its own way better than the other hotels that Ive heard of before. Known to be one of the finest hotels ever since it debuted in 1923. Fortunately this grand hotel has been featured in several movies plus it is the kind of place where you might get the chance to meet with Humphrey Bo arts ghost and offer you a nightcap. Aside from that this is also a place where an unsolved murder occurred the victims name was Black Dahlia a cocktail was eve called after her that's how famous she became in the 1940's.


Los Angeles is also known for having a small town such as Chinatown it has been in Los Angeles more than I have since the 1930's. Chinatown also got it's new name of "New Chinatown" in 1938 later on it was changed to the opposite of New which was called "new Chinatown" it is a great destination for people who are into old fashioned things. There was once a cafe at Chinatown by the name of Hong Kong cafe meanwhile it is now a souvenir shop which in most cases it centered around LA's clubs that were punk rock style from 70's to the 80's bands such as X , The motels, The knack, black flag, and the germs this place was also showed in the seminal 1981 punk documentary as "the decline of western civilization" at this place you have the chance to expore the empress pavilion having a Hong-Kong style you can also go to see the popular good-luck wishing well that has the words of love, wisdom or vacation.

The library from the inside
The library from the inside

The broadway bar

Even-though this bar shows more of a Vegas city feel then it does for Hollywood it still has a more vintage side to it the carpets are rather patterned in the Baroque- meets- LSD style the chairs of this bar are mismatched upholstered brocade with 70'swaggy rather chandeliers, flocked velvet wallpapers, on outdoor smoking balcony, a jukebox containing Bowie and Johnny Cash songs. One of the most exciting things about this bar is that It's a circular bar which is different than the regular one OK so this circular bar is used as a huge roulette table where ladies get to choose a number randomly during the evening and give winners some free drinks to have plus there is also a DJ nights event where they play vintage music this is the third place I recommend most and foremost for you to go and explore.

Last place for you to see and that I think you will love a lot it it's the Los Angeles Public Library. This is perhaps to say one of the most loved places from the city it was designed by Bertram Good hue made in the mid twenties the library has a mix of Byzantine, Spanish, and Egyptians styles with bold geometric shapes. The pyramidal tower has a symbol that means "The light of learning" which says about the many contributions that muralists, sculptors, and engravers gaved in the making of this library. Something that you must also check out in the library is the second floor that contains a mind-blowing zodiac chandelier which represents the solar system and other murals by Dean Cornwall another mural artwork that is worth seeing is Albert Hester's 1929 mural of a fiesta with beautiful flamenco dancers and you can see it at the children's literature department.


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    • spotlight19 profile image

      Jennifer Pena 5 years ago from California

      What do you mean about about highlighted the rail system?

    • KevinTimothy profile image

      Kevin J Timothy 5 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      You should've highlighted the rail system there. It's pretty underrated, don't you think?