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The Great Himalaya Trail: Annapurna, Manaslu and Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Updated on July 16, 2014


"The man who moves the mountain, begins by carrying away a few small stones..." William Faulkner

Himalayas - the Holy Grail for adventurers

If you're a mountain lover and have a passion for walking to great heights, then the holy Grail of mountains are majestic Himalayas. These great mountain ranges have drawn thousands of adventure lovers to explore and conquer its mighty peaks. People from all over the world aboard great lengths just to get a glimpse of the stunning sights and sounds, that the great Himalaya Trail has to offer.

For ages travelers, wanderers and trekkers have embarked on adventure treks and the Himalayas to experience a rich combination of sherpa culture, history and heritage in the villages and to enjoy the friendliness and hospitality of the local people.

Himalayas Trekking Trail


Everest Base Camp

A markerEverest Base Camp -
Everest Base Camp, Sagarmatha National Park, Khumjung 56000, Nepal
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The Great Himalaya Trail

Along your journey through the Himalaya Trail, you'll find ancient Buddhist monasteries and quaint little Gurung villagers that have somehow have a way of filling your heart and soul with a sense of peace and warmth that you'll find nowhere else.

You also come home with a sense of achievement from challenging yourself to arrive at these amazing destinations.

The great Himalaya Trail combines a network of tracks and trails to form the longest and highest of walking routes in the mountains. Many trekkers have taken this path to enjoy the magnificent mountain panoramas, and experience the glory of this great walk. An amalgamation of 10 high and low rates form the trail of this adventurous journey that passes through arid mountain plateaus, deep River gorges, lush green meadows and breathtaking landscapes that will will reward you with every step.

When you follow the footsteps of the pioneers who have conquered these great heights, you'll understand why he mountains kept luring them back.

Everest Base Camp Trek Stupa

Packing List

Essentials / Survival
Sleep Gear
Pack & Rain Cover
First-Aid Kit
Tent & Stakes
Water Bottle or Canteen
Ground Cloth
Flashlight w/extra batteries/bulb
Sleeping Bag
Matches in waterproof container
Sleeping Pad
Candle or Fire Starters & Lighter
Bear bag, bear bag rope
Map and Compass
Metal Signaling Mirror
Emergency Coins
Pencil & Paper
Duct Tape
50' Nylon Cord, Rope, Twine
Snacks / Trail Food
Sunscreen & Sunglasses
Insect Repellent
Camera & Film
Plastic Bags
Extra shoes/flipflops
Emergency Blanket
Camp Chair
Clothing for Season
Hand Warmers
Rain Gear
Hiking Boots or sturdy Shoes
Group Equipment
Shirts, Pants, Shorts
Tent, Stakes, Ground cloth / Tarp
Sweater or warm Jacket
Dining Fly
Socks, Underwear + Extras
Nylon Cord, Rope, Twine
Hat (for blocking sun/rain)
Camp Stove(s), Fuel, Lighter
Winter Mittens, Hat, Coat
Lantern and Fuel
Water Container (1 gal/person/day)
Cooking Gear
Portable Camp Table
Camp Shovel
Stove & Fuel
Camp Saw
Cooking kit & utensils
Hatchet or Ax
Eating utensils
Repair Kit (thread, needles, pins)
Cup, Bowl, Plate
First Aid Kit
Dish soap
Cooking Kit
Pots, Pans, Griddle
Cleanup Kit
Spatula, Spoon, Ladle, etc.
Salt, Pepper, Seasoning
Toilet Paper
Ketchup and Condiments
Hand Sanitizer
Handles or Tongs
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Dental Floss
Cleanup Kit
Towel & Washcloth
Sponge, dishcloth, soap, bleach
Scouring pads
Toilet paper in a plastic bag
Garbage bags

The trek to the great Himalaya Trail

The trek to the great Himalaya Trail is considered to be a must for all adventure lovers, not simply because of the scenery but for the special cultural and spiritual moments that you experience along the way.

It also offers a great opportunity to support the local people and contribute to their economy. By staying in local houses rather than camping , you contribute both to the local economy and the environment around you. The mindset you spend interacting with the people and making new friends also have a distinct charm of their own. Thus the road to the Himalayas supports a variety of courses other than being just a journey of soul-searching peace and tranquility.

So how do you start this journey? Some of the most popular tracks include parts of the great Himalaya check and can be done individually. These include Annapurna sanctuary trek, the Everest base Camp trek, and in the last loop circuit trek. two of the most popular treks.

Himalayas Prayer Flags


Everest base Camp trek

The two most popular treks by far are the Annapurna, and the Everest base Camp trek for their variety of experiences and a moderate level of challenge.

What you need to think about is choosing a company that's had many years of experience with Nepal travel adventures so you can enjoy being fully in the moment and these beautiful and unforgettable parts of the world while your guides and trip organizer take care of every tiny little detail.

You can find detailed information about trek itineraries, costs and other useful information about the local culture so you are well prepared before you take your big leap towards your adventure.

In the words of LaoTzu, the journey of 1000 miles must begins with a simple step. And so take your first step towards an experience that will rejuvenate your heart, mind, and soul. Enjoy the moments that will transform you change your perspective on life altogether that the journey begin.

Keen to find out more about where to start?

Cross Everest Base Camp 'EBC' Trek off your bucket list. Start your 19-day adventure in Kathmandu with legendary Kiwi guides. Then fly to Lukla to begin hiking.

You can learn about Sherpa life and be rewarded with mesmerising views of the Himalayas

hike across swing bridges spanning deep river gorges, through lush rhododendron forests and across wide open valleys. Hiking these grand places gives you a unique sense of achievement and a new perspective when you embark on this trip of a lifetime!

Some of your Itinerary may include:
Meeting the Nepali people, Mt Everest
Kathmandu and the Swayambhunath Temple
Namche Bazaar
Gorak Shep.
Everest Base Camp.
Seeing the Ama Dablam mountain range
Kala Patthar.
Lukla and the Lukla Airport

Everest Base Camp Trek: An Amazing Adventure From Kathmandu To Lukla

Khumbu Glacier EBC Hike



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    • nhtadventure profile image

      Balaram Thapa 3 years ago from Kathmandu, Nepal

      Just an amazing story, I love to read the all travel articles.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 3 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Not that I ever did any mountain climbing, but my days of even considering it seriously are now past. I enjoyed reading this however. I'll enjoy it vicariously through televised shows and videos and articles such as you just wrote. Up votes!