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Quirky Themed Restaurants in Taipei (Taiwan)

Updated on November 21, 2015
Shilin Night Market
Shilin Night Market | Source

Besides being surrounded by beautiful mountains and luscious greenery and rivers (e.g. Danshui), Taipei is also known for its food. From the traditional night markets (e.g. Shilin Night Market) that sell the most interesting foods (e.g. stinky fermented toufu, ‘iron’ eggs etc…) and are cheap, to the interesting themed restaurants from Hello Kitty to Toilet Bowls and everything else in-between (hospital, classroom, in-flight etc…).

A380 In-Flight Kitchen 空中廚房

Fancy air stewardesses serving you plane food and dining in a plane… on land? Than you should try this themed restaurant, where the restaurant looks and functions much like the Airbus A380 with passengers (diners) sitting in “first class,” “business class,” or “economy class.” With neatly dressed stewardesses in uniforms who dash back and forth with trays of “airplane” food and beverages that are on metal trolleys, adding to the impression that you are on board a plane.

Modern Toilet

If you have the stomach for this (or just a strong state of mind where you can separate illusion from reality), you can visit this unique (yet slightly off-putting) dining restaurant that serves all food in toilet bowls; with the décor to match (the seats are literally toilet bowls and the place gives off the ambiance of, well, a rest room).

DS Music Hospital Restaurant Taipei

If you prefer dining in a hospital setting with the décor, needless to say consists of x-ray scans, crutches and plaster casts. The tables look like sleek hospital beds, even the toilets are labeled as “The Emergency Room” and the there are only “nurses” (waitresses). The items on the menu are innovatively with drinks renamed to “Medicines” and have names such as Tetanus, Vitamin A, or Tranquiliser etc… It has more a club feel than a restaurant and emphasizes more on service than the food.

Hello Kitty Everywhere!
Hello Kitty Everywhere! | Source

Hello Kitty Sweets Café

While the toilet concept is not something everyone can accept (imagine eating ice-cream that is brown (or similar) color and displayed in a toilet bowl), and the Hospital themed to sleazy for some, the Hello Kitty themed café is off at the other end of the spectrum of the cuter variety. Everything in this café is Hello Kitty influenced, from the entrance to the seats and bread embossed with the Hello Kitty emblem, all the while to the toilet which is decked out nicely in pink and, of course, Hello Kitty. If you love Hello Kitty or simply want an adorable time, than this would be the place to try. Do not that it can get pretty crowded, so reservations are a must if you want to ensure a seat for a pleasant stress free dining experience.

In conclusion, prices for the themed restaurants in Taipei are fairly reasonable and not too expensive. They add an interesting dining experience if you are ever in Taipei , Taiwan . So why not try one when you are there and have a wacky dining experience?


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    • lilian_sg profile image


      5 years ago from Singapore

      Interesting places to try!


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