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There and Begin Again: The Sound Chamber

Updated on November 4, 2012
This is the Inner Dimensional Sound Chamber, found at Wise Awakening in Bellinghan, WA on Holly st
This is the Inner Dimensional Sound Chamber, found at Wise Awakening in Bellinghan, WA on Holly st | Source

There and Begin Again - What is it?

This is a series of Hubs about our journey to make a documentary which is to take place in Egypt. If everything goes to plan, it will be about the new Era which is upon us. It will be about the mystery and prophecy of 2012.

There and Begin Again Crew!

Wise Awakening

The very first business we approached to sell ad space for/inquire about merchandise donations was Wise Awakening. They are a metaphysical shop in down town Bellingham on Holley St. I have had many experiences with them before, and they have been nothing but extremely friendly and helpful. The first time I went in there I was visiting home from living abroad, and my friend told me I had to go in there and sit in the crystal room. This was about five years ago, and I have no idea if this is still open to the public.

I went into this tiny room, and there was a massive crystal - huge! - sitting on a light which went through the different colors of the rainbow. There were no other lights except for that. Somewhere music played, a didgeridoo sound. I was immediately sucked into the crystal, for at least a half an hour. I floated out of there. I can't even describe my experience, and if I could, I don't know that I would since it was so intensely personal.

They have a little book section which has a wide array of books from topics on crystals to 2012 prophecies. They have every crystal one could hope to find and a wide range of oracle decks along with a couple tarot decks (including my favorite, Aleister Crowely's Thoth Deck).

But most importantly, they have the Inner Dimensional Sound Chamber.

Inner Dimensional Sound Chamber

This is an amazing device uses sound as a therapeutic medium.

It is based off the body's reaction to electromagnetic (EM) fields, and the ones that the body creates in the brain's circuitry. The theory beneath energy medicine is that these electromagnetic fields produced by the body are carried through space and can effect other EM fields. The use of Magnetic therapy will cause sells to use oxygen more efficiently, will permeate cells, normalize circulation, and enhance elemental ion exchange, which are compiled of potassium, chloride, sodium, calcium, bicarbonate, hydrogen, protein and oxygen.

According to C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., quoted in Alternative Medicine: A Definitive Guide, "We are living piezoelectric generators", piezoelectric meaning the capability of transforming pressure into electricity. It is due to this nature which energy medicine, or electromagnetic therapy, is able to work: it will restore harmony to damaged or malfunctioning areas of the body. Dr. Shealy's quote refers to the body's own responsibility to regulating its chemical and biophysical processes by means of the body's natural bio-electromagnetic energies. Dr. Shealy continues explaining the occurrences when electromagnetic energy is applied externally: "[Electromagnetic energy] activates the piezoelectric property of tissue to emit photons, sound waves with a wavelength low enough to resonate with cell membranes."

The Inner Dimensional Sound Chamber, according to Wise Awakening, is "a blending of science and metaphysical in vibrational technology. It provides a low level oscillating energy field which assists with the restoration of cellular integrity....Through vibrational technology, there is an extreme activation of tissue regeneration. The capacity for tissue regeneration extends to the central nervous system and the brain and to all healing organs, muscles and bones."

This impressive too, has been said to help with ailments of Autism, Fibromyalgia, acute post-trauma, degenerative disease, neck and back pain, migraine headaches, asthma, depression, and much, much more.

This is also quite interesting that we have been graced with being able to be helped by Wise Awakening with a $50 voucher towards a session in this amazing contraptions, but quite synchronistic as well seeing as newest theories in regards to the Great Pyramids in Egypt suggest that they were used as grand healing machines, using sound as their therapy.

The Pyramid Code: High Level Technology


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