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Things Adventure Travellers Should Take Care of Before Leaving the Country

Updated on August 3, 2016

Getting late for office in the morning? Took a quick bath, went flying out the door, drove as fast as you could and just when you were about to put your first step inside the office, you ask yourself, “Did I lock the front door?” or “Did I turn off the gas?”

Every single person who is reading this must have gone through this experience at least once in their life. Till you reach home and check, you remain restless. Now imagine this happening when you are on an international trip? Bad, isn’t it? What if this trip is to the top of Mount Everest? With that playing in mind, you are never making it to the top!

According to The Huffington Post, despite a huge coastline and staggering Himalayas, India does not make it to the list of the top adventure sites. Therefore, if you are Indian looking for an adventure trip, you are likely to be preparing for international travel. It is important to make proper arrangements before you leave the country, the least of which is ensuring proper insurance, including getting online term insurance.

Get Your Paperwork Done

From the boarding pass to the passport, there are a lot of documents that need to be checked. First things first, make sure your passport is up-to-date and if it is due to expire, apply at least 2 months before your travel date to ensure that you get it updated in time. The second thing you need to find out is whether the country of visit requires a visa or not. Unlike the passport, a visa might not be needed in every country. And if you are opting for a web check-in before the flight, make sure you have your boarding pass on your smartphone for easy access.

According to Air India’s official website, “For international travel, passengers require to be in possession of valid passport, valid visa and/or entry permits and health certificates as required. Embarkation forms should be duly filled and submitted to customs and immigration authorities before boarding the aircraft.”

Always keep a copy of all necessary documents. Remember that you are on an adventurous trip and some unexpected things can happen to your smartphone too. What if you drop it or wet it and it stops working?

Stay in Touch

“...maybe sometimes it's riskier not to take a risk. Sometimes all you are guaranteeing is that things will stay the same.” ~ Danny Wallace

But when you do take the risk, things will definitely change. Things won’t be the same and you won’t be the same either. When you are on the adventure of a lifetime, you won’t be accessible easily. Also, the period of the trip may not be fixed. The trip might also need to you to go to certain places where there is no connectivity. So before you leave, talk to your family and friends, tell them about the journey, the places you are going to visit and the adventures you are going to experience. Inform them of the dates when you might be inaccessible so that they don’t worry. An article on Gap 360 offers some useful tips on staying in touch, such as informing the family when you arrive at your destination, using social media to stay connected and more.

Pack Well

When your planning such a trip, give importance to research. Spend time online to find out about the weather patterns, clothing and gadgets and equipment that you may require on the journey. It is important to keep the balance. Being under packed will cause problems in crisis situations and if you are over packed, it will affect your movements and the luggage will be tough to handle too.

Remember that you are on an adventurous trip and you will need a map, travel guide, compass, flashlight, first aid kit and portable charger more than anything else. Carry your sunglasses and headphones for a cool look. According to Tusker Geographica, an important part of preparing for an adventure trip is not only packing light but packing the right things.

Consider Online Term Insurance

According to Teton Gravity Research, one in 34,000 people die while scuba diving and one in 15,700 people die while mountain hiking annually, while 10-12 people in 100 die while climbing a height of above 6,000 m in the Himalayas.

Remember you left a family behind and there are certain responsibilities you have towards them. Take travel insurance before leaving and if you are looking for short term coverage, you can also opt for online term insurance, according to experts.


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