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Things Families Can Do in Las Vegas

Updated on October 27, 2016

Town Square - Las Vegas Blvd

Town Square offers many restaurants, stores, movies and more. Conveniently located on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip.
Town Square offers many restaurants, stores, movies and more. Conveniently located on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip. | Source

Town Square

While there are several Mega Malls to frequent in Las Vegas, this one is located on the Las Vegas Strip, within walking distance of Resort Hotels/Casinos. Alive with the aroma of various foods, energized by music from diverse lounges, Town Square has also become a local haunt for residents. From a major health food grocery store to fine dining, movies, dancing, or just walking up and down the quaint streets between stores, any individual will find delight in the atmosphere. This is a great get away to simply 'hang out', shop, eat, or drink a favorite beverage offered from juice to Marguerite's, taste buds will find satisfaction. When I linger in the Square, it reminds me of Laguna Beach, California. Cobble Stone streets, clothing shops, restaurants, bars, health foods, movies, and of course, an Apple store.

During the hot summer months Town Square is teaming with people young and old glancing cooler air from misters, shade trees, grass and a flowing stream. Evenings are favorites away from the hot sun, taking in the sights and smells under ambient lighting, and subtle music at every corner. This is a must visit for families, or individuals looking for an exciting atmosphere.

Town Square - Nice

The aroma of various foods permeates through the streets of Town Square, while people relax to enjoy the scenery and calm of the waterways.
The aroma of various foods permeates through the streets of Town Square, while people relax to enjoy the scenery and calm of the waterways. | Source

October Festivities

It's October, Halloween approaches, and so does Nevada Day at the same time. There will be parades, and multiple Halloween scare castles, tents, and haunted pumpkin patches to visit. Fright Dome is an attraction at Circus Circus, where the entire family can get a chill, and stay safe.

Some of the larger Hotel/Resorts like the Wynn, are featuring Halloween decorations in various clubs, and bars within the resort that reflect Alice in Wonderland. A must for a walk through.

Make sure to visit the links that have been posted for more information on things to do in Las Vegas if you live here, or plan to visit soon!

Springs Preserve

The Springs Preserve is located at the Las Vegas Valley Water District on Valley View. Over several decades, fossils were found on the property that include dinosaurs, and eggs, (petrified of course), and other artifacts that brought about a reserve to preserve the area, and make it available to anyone interested in the history of the Las Vegas Valley.

The property offers a museum type atmosphere, equipped with a restaurant, indigenous animal habitats, and desert landscapes intended to educate locals on water saving designs for beautiful yards.

Everyone should visit Springs Preserve, to get a total feel for the ancient past of this valley. The restaurant is wonderful, people are friendly, and many activities will keep the family entertained and interested.

Springs Preserve Structure

Learn about desert animal and plant species by visiting the Springs Preserve.
Learn about desert animal and plant species by visiting the Springs Preserve. | Source

Springs Preserve Location

Springs Preserve las Vegas, NV:
Springs Preserve, 333 South Valley View Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89107, USA

get directions

More Natural Wonders

Mount Charleston, just 35 miles north west of Las Vegas offers mountain air complete with a lower and upper lodge for dining, and socializing. During the winter months the smell of pine trees and the crispness of cold snow nips the nose. A ski resort offers snow skiing, and snow boarding accompanied with a ski lift, and both lodges offer food, fireplace, and bar. The upper lodge has horse drawn sleigh rides for a minimal fee, fun for the entire family!

On the opposite side of the valley, to the east, and Southeast is Lake Mead, and Hoover Dam. The lake is down more than 100 feet with the drought, but the area is still interesting to experience, swim, or boating. Hoover Dam offers tours down into the operations of the interior, or individuals can walk along and take photos. There is also a restaurant, museum, and information building for those interested in gathering more about the history of the Hoover Dam. The new bridge is also open to drive over, or individuals can also walk over and view the dam from the heights of the canyon.'s a long way down!

Lake Mead/Hoover Dam

A view from the Lake Mead Paddle Wheel Tour boat.
A view from the Lake Mead Paddle Wheel Tour boat. | Source

Boulder City

There are several ways to travel to Lake Mead, but the most interesting is through Boulder City, where many of the people who constructed the Hoover Dam lived. This is a flourishing quiet city nestled in the hills above Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. There are many interesting finds in Boulder City, museum, Indian shops, restaurants, and a very nice park just before ascending up over a hilltop to view the massive man made lake. Camping is permitted in specific areas around the lake and Mount Charleston/Kyle Canyon areas, due to fire hazards camp fires are limited and require a permit when available.

To the North East of Las Vegas lies the Valley of Fire, with red sandstone formations hidden between the hills surrounding Lake Mead. Indian dwellings, an Indian Reservation, and artifacts can be viewed in Overton, and there is access to the north end of the lake.

To the south is the Colorado River that runs through Laughlin, a city of Resort Hotel and Casino's on the river, and Bull Head city, and Katherines Landing at Lake Mohave just above Davis Dam. The drive to Laughlin takes about an hour and a half, on a very nice new highway.

High Roller - The Linq Las Vegas

Enjoy a slow ride aboard a massive Ferris wheel that will provide an amazing view of the Las Vegas Valley. This is one of the newest additions to the Las Vegas skyline that offers an outstanding experience, and adds to the beauty of the Las Vegas Strip at night.

High Roller Ferris Wheel - Las Vegas

Too Many To Mention

These are only a few spots to visit in Las Vegas, with many more options. Lake Las Vegas is just a short drive to the south part of Lake Mead through Henderson, Nevada. Many celebrities own homes at Lake Las Vegas and there is plenty of activities to keep the entire family busy with shops, water rides, restaurants, and live music.

On a more reserved side, there is another preserve on the South East side of the Valley, Clark County Wetland Park, that fosters many species of birds and wildlife. Visit the link provided below to access the website that also provides information, planning a trip, and a great overview of the park.

Las Vegas has museums for both adults and children, that include signs, dinosaurs, Indian artifacts, and early Vegas Mafia information. Roller coasters over the Las Vegas Strip, Bungee Jumping, Sling Shot, or a quiet tour to Bonnie Springs for horse back riding, an old western town, and petting zoo. One thing for sure, there is always plenty to do in Las Vegas for individuals, couples and families too.

Sports includes Baseball, Football, Soccer (Youth), Nascar Races, there is even a place to experience a ride or drive in a high performance vehicle. A lot of people go to Lake Mead to fish, jet ski, and enjoy water sports, or just enjoy the beach and sun, and helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon.

Because of the diversity of landscape and temperatures in the surrounding area, it is not uncommon to observe a movie set, and movie stars. There is something for everyone from the cooler temperatures of the mountains, to the multicolor deserts, city activities and lights, or lake to cool down on a hot day. That brings focus to the water parks like offer water slides, ponds, and other rides for family enjoyment on those hot summer days.

Let it never be taken that Las Vegas is only based on sin. There are many churches and church functions that are available almost every day of the week. There are Mosques, Temples, Cathedrals, Halls, large churches, small churches, and they are listed in the local telephone book.

The Las Vegas community is diverse, growing continually, and ever changing with an unending source of things to do. All of the hotels in Las Vegas offer up a mass of brochures near the front desk providing information about the mentioned sights and more.

Sum It Up

All in all, Las Vegas is more than just fancy lights, and gambling. With restaurants, lounges, museums, malls, a variety of sports and outdoor sports there is enough to keep anyone busy with any activity to his or her delight.

The community is ever growing, and offers a diversity of religious activities to those who prefer spiritual engagement. There is no limit to the variety in this city. Come visit, and see for yourself.


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    • Marilyn Fritz profile imageAUTHOR


      3 months ago from Nevada

      Even during this Pandemic, there are places to go, things to experience without the risk of being contaminated. It's difficult to stay indoors, and separated from people, especially family, but as long as we focus on indoor, and outdoor activities and exercise, listening to music we like, and making future plans, we can get through this!

    • MelissaLV profile image


      3 years ago

      thank you. great read. You are right,there are plenty of opportunities for fun,sport,culture,food,family life.

    • Marilyn Fritz profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Nevada

      Now that the temperature here in Las Vegas is close to the 80 degree mark, water parks are opening where people of all ages can have fun, relax, and enjoy cooling down.

      You can find more information about available Water Parks, and locations by searching the following link in your browser.

    • readerssquare profile image

      Readers Square 

      5 years ago from Punjab, India

      This is a real relief because when you hear the city’s name, parents get into a nightmare of poker games, losing bids and drunken weddings. The Springs Preserve seems educationally cool and the silently lingering water at Lake Mead is worth an evening. Was just about to vouch for the Sherriff Lamb Park but I must say, @Marilyn Firtz, that this is a wonderful tour advise and well done!

    • profile image

      Shamsa rehan 

      6 years ago from pakistan

      Good hub :)

    • emmaouthworth profile image

      Emma Southworth 

      6 years ago from Manchester

      Going there soon! excited x

    • Thomasjames1992 profile image

      Thomas James 

      6 years ago from London


      Never through Las Vegas was this diverse


    • Marilyn Fritz profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Nevada

      Oh, and there is also Sherriff Lamb Park in the far north of the valley, near the Mt. Charleston turnoff that has a pond, ducks, geese, many types of critters, and I think they also still offer horse back rides as well. There is a nice picnic area with lots of trees.

    • Marilyn Fritz profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Nevada

      Hi Poetryman6969,

      Thank you for the comment. No one has to teach their young ones to gamble when deciding to bring family to Las Vegas, because there are so many things to do that include children, (under 21). Even Circus-Circus Adventure Dome that offers games and entertainment for families. I also did not mention that our fair city also has laser tag at several locations, paintball interaction, Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, a Zip-Line on Fremont Street. There are concerts, bus tours, museums, and lots of pools. Anyone interested can look up Family Attractions in Las Vegas, Nevada online and find a lot of information.

    • traveleze profile image

      Lee John 

      6 years ago from Preston

      Hi Marilyn

      Great hub! i voted up and followed you :). Check the one i wrote about Las Vegas. People always think of Las Vegas as Sin city, but theres much more as you have show in your hub! Also if you like traveling that's my niche check out my travel hubs, any comments or feedback would he highly appreciated :)



    • poetryman6969 profile image


      6 years ago

      I have been to Vegas and I did not know about some of these places. Well, I guess we don't have to teach junior to gamble!


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