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Things Passengers Think about Other Passengers

Updated on January 18, 2016

How often have you sat on a plane next to someone who made you hope for a multitude of outcomes that you thought were detrimental to your travel experience? If you travel often, there are any number of thoughts that travel through your mind –particularly when dealing with other passengers.

For a while, I thought it was just me, then the other day, I actually heard a co-worker echoing the very same things I had thought many times over.

Here are a few thoughts that people have but would never think to say aloud in the midst of other passengers.


Please Don't Make Me Sick

Ever shared a row of seats on the plane or even sat in the vicinity of someone who is hacking every three to five minutes? What about that person who suddenly releases an unshielded sneeze? Chances are that from the moment you hear the echoes of a cough or eruption of a sneeze you begin to weigh all of the risks that this person is sick. Further, you begin to wonder, if they are sick, what are the chances that I will get sick as well? You wonder, did that flu vaccine take? By the time the individual enters another paroxysm of coughs or sneezes, you look to find this person and measure how good their technique is in shielding you and others around you from their germs.

Please Don't Be the Middle Seat Passenger

If you are a big guy or girl sitting on the plane (as is this author), the last thing you hope to see is another big guy or girl coming to sit in the middle seat of the passenger seat row next to you. Let’s face it, we are a nation of curvy people. Most of us try to strategically positioned ourselves on that row and you are left hoping that the other big guy or gal has done the same and if they were not able to do the same then at a minimum, if given the chance, he/she will be able to move to another empty seat so as not to make a two to three-hour flight too miserable.

Where is the Crying Child Going to Sit?

It’s a three-hour plane ride and in your head, you have already began making plans for all the ways you’re going to get a decent bit of shut eye. As you strap yourself in for the plane ride, you look up and see two parents with three little ones coming in your direction, one of which who is screaming at the top of his lungs. While you empathize with what the parents must be experiencing, given that the child’s behavior is probably beyond their control, you also cannot help thinking please don’t sit here. Please don’t sit here but then, the parent sits next to you and begins trying to reason with the child. Its insensitive to complain about something that cannot be controlled but in your head, you’re thinking…. why me and in a selfishly-selfless act, you look for ways to change your seat and put this family together.


Please Stop Talking

It’s early…or it’s late… no matter the scenario, you are in a “zone” –the mental “do not disturb zone” and not really looking to engage a stranger on the plane ride however, he/she has other thoughts and launches into a lengthy conversation about nothing –or at least, nothing that appeals to you. How do you politely extract yourself from conversation?

Why Are You Sitting Next to the Window?

This author loves to sit next to the window but on occasion, I may miss the best opportunity to secure the window seat and often times, I end up in the middle seat because the aisle seat has been taken. However, I settle for perhaps enjoying the view of the world during take-off, flight and landing from the middle seat. After all, having a focal point can be helpful in balancing the equilibrium.

Blocking the rise or setting sun is one thing but there’s nothing worse than sitting next to the person who is afraid of the view or wants to take a nap and therefore decides to pull down the “shade” so that they can nap.

What's that Smell?

Odors on a plane ride can be downright distracting to your travel experience. Ever been sitting on a plane only to have a strong food aroma drift over to where you were seated and tap you on the nose? The person eating it seems to be relieved for a simple morsel of food but for you, it’s as if someone opened up their day-old lunch and decided to partake in it.

These are just a few thoughts that float through the minds of many during flight!


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    • Mahogany Speaks profile image

      Mahogany Speaks 2 years ago from Texas

      I cannot imagine! I get nervous every time I hear rumblings about that being a possibility.

    • Carb Diva profile image

      Linda Lum 2 years ago from Washington State, USA

      All good points. Can you imagine how "wonderful" it will be if people are allowed to use their cell phones in flight? (Please give me a parachute).