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Things to Do in Dubrovnik

Updated on June 30, 2015

Where is Dubrovnik?

A markerDubrovnik -
Dubrovnik, Croatia
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Dubrovnik is a prominent tourist destination in the Mediterranean and the most famous in Croatia. This is a popular destination for the European tourists as the city is easily accessible and handily affordable. This is a city in Croatia, situated by the Adriatic Sea on the Dalmatian coast.

As an ancient city, Dubrovnik has many places that hold the mark of history and bear the culture of Croatia. Marvelous churches and buildings mix consistent with the green-covered stone houses, structuring an immaculate troupe moderately untouched by the twenty-first century. Beyond the city walls, uptown Dubrovnik oozes Mediterranean style. Gardens are an outburst of colorful bougainvillea and oleanders; trees are weighted down with figs, lemons, oranges and peaches. All these make Dubrovnik a perfect place for a holiday.


Mount Srdj Ropeway

Opened in 2010, the shining orange cable car you see scaling the steep slant, high up over the Old Town is both a vacation destination and a bit of history. Mount Srdj has figured in key crossroads in the city's history, not minimum throughout the 1991 clash. Mount Srdj served as boondocks against the Turks and a Napoleonic post and, most prominently, where courageous Croats kept Serb drives at bay in 1991. It is pricy, 80kn return, yet this doesn't matter as you ascend up presently, the Old Town almost vanishes as a display of Adriatic blue rules the skyline. Unreasonable it could be, the cable car is essentially an absolute necessity for a complete visit to Croatia's most wonderful city. At the cable car station, the Panorama restaurant offers the same view, plus seafood platters, mixed drinks and fine wines.

Copacabana Beach

This is a family friendly beach and much suitable for the kids because of the shallow water at this beach. There is more than enough rooms to parlor around for the day and unlimited water sports available as well. The beach is pebble, not sandy, and similar to the other beaches of Dubrovnik. So, bring your own aqua shoes to walk on this beach.

Sea Kayaking

Dubrovnik's popular outdoor activity for the tourists, ocean kayaking is organized for complete tenderfoots as a half-day hike with lunch on Lokrum island tossed in. You just require turning up, experience a couple of paddling systems in shallow, safe water level, and the Adriatic is yours.

A starting point of sea kayaking in Dubrovnik
A starting point of sea kayaking in Dubrovnik | Source

Ocean kayaks are more agreeable than conventional kayaks. Their length, with additional load limit, permits the kayak to move smoothly and simpler in a straight line. For lesser fatal, cooler waters from the Pile Gate to the verdant, auto free island of Lokrum is, under direction, a doodle. A few organizations, likewise offer nightfall paddles, with wine and cider tossed in. Kids aged eight to 16 are welcome, however, must be joined by an adult.


Dubrovnik summer festival

Croatia's grandest social event is the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, 47 days and nights of established music, theatre, musical show and dance exhibitions around the Old Town. Something similar to Edinburgh without the edge, it has been organizing high-temples society in Dubrovnik for more than 60 years. Shows carry Dubrovnik's memorable gems to life. Shakespeare is performed outdoors at the Lovrijenac Fort, ensembles play at the Sponza Palace, piano soloists at the Cathedral, graceful expression happens after dim outside the St Blaise's Church and numerous types of occasions have the moonlit City Walls as a background. Altogether, nearly 70 venues of Dubrovnik are used during this festival. Book ahead for the grandest occasions – for others you can pay on the entryway. For the most prestigious occasions, brilliant dress, despite the fact that not required, is expected.

Visia Dubrovnik 5d Teatrum

Regarded as the Visia Dubrovnik 5d Teatrum, this surprising new fascination takes guests through the history of Dubrovnik by the method of multidimensional images, lasers and films, what the holders call '5D'. The show runs for 35 minutes and is introduced in six dialects. Top scores ought to be given to the group for presenting something contemporary for Baroque, weary vacationers, in spite of the fact that the 'charming tunes' could be grinding, beware!

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    • mecheshier profile image

      mecheshier 3 years ago

      What a fabulous place to visit. Yes, your article definitely inspires me to visit Dubrovnik. I love the architecture, especially the orange/brown rooftops. The summer festival also look like a lot of fun.

      Thank you for the great post. Voted up for awesome and interesting