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7 Fun & Interesting Places to See in Honduras

Updated on April 14, 2012

The endless possibilities of things to do and explore in Honduras are exciting so I am going to list some of the top adventures that I hope you will consider doing. You can visit the ancient Mayan Runs Or go hiking in tropical rain forest, or jump into the world’s second largest natural coral reef. There are so many options and places to see that if you decide to move here or just vacation it will have more than enough adventure for a life time.

Visit the Mayan ruins at Copan

Some of the best preserved ruins are in a small city in western Honduras, near the border of Guatemala. The ruins represent one of the greatest pre-Columbian cities in Latin America that is still in pristine condition. Some of the best preserved story of early history is told in the wonderful buildings, sculptures and hieroglyphics in Copan. You can get personalized tours arranged from most of the major cities like Santa Rose.

Visit the Bay Islands

If you would like to experience some of Honduras great areas one area that I highly recommend that you check out is Honduras’ Bay Islands. They offer many different types of attractions that are available in one location. Some of the things they offer is diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, or relaxing on a beach. Many of the best hotels and resorts in Honduras are located in the Bay Islands. Although it is more of a touristy area you will never have lack of anything to experience in this area.

Go Diving on a Coral Reef

The Bay Islands are one of the most significant areas in Honduras. They are surrounded by the second largest coral reef in the world. The area reef is called the Mesa American Barrier Reef. The reefs are surrounded by some wonderful diving schools offering snorkeling and diving instructions so that you can also experience one of nature’s own creations from a fish’s perspective. They are many types of intricate coral, under water cliffs and caves, as well as some of the brightly colored tropical fish seen nowhere else in the world. For those of you that like the prospect of buried treasure or history some of the shipwrecks off this reef date back thousands of years.

Exotic Honduras Animals

Honduras also offers you the opportunity to see some truly remarkable wildlife. Some of Latin Americas most exotic creatures not found anywhere else in the world reside in Honduras’s tropical temperate zones. You can dive with hundreds of species of fish or hike into some of the sub tropical zones and see some of the most colorful and exotic avian creatures that Honduras has to offer. A lot of these creatures are in danger of becoming extinct so this may be a once in a life time opportunity. But as always please be careful to mind that you are in there home not yours when you do go.

Visit the rainforests of the Mosquito Coast

The rain forest in Honduras is one of the largest parts ones that are left north of the Amazon and are one of the main attractions that have become very popular among visitors to Honduras. The rain forest is a protected national treasure by the Honduran government and the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve along with other nation parks and associations. The park on Mosquito Coast has some of the ecological and biodiversity that has made Honduras famous and the lush green scenery and is a place where a hike or boat ride is highly recommended. Along with some of the more conservative attractions you can apply to go on eco tours which you can learn and see firsthand some of the devastation of global warming. So go and take a look.

honduras Beach
honduras Beach
Honduras Bay Islands
Honduras Bay Islands


Go to a Honduran festival & La Ceiba Carnaval

Most if not all the towns in Honduras have a celebration for many of the patron saints that the Catholic Church has recognized. The largest festival by far would be for La Ceiba carnaval in mid June and the Feria Juniana at San Pedro Sula in late May, have become huge national events, attracting visitors from around Latin America and across the country. The parties at these festivals last for weeks which make them very popular to a lot of different people. You can see the local parades, experience the local food and see the unique gifts they sell and at the end of the day start to see the night life come alive the Honduran way.

Go on an Adventure Tour

There are many different tours available for you to participate in all around the coutry or you can make a big tour plan and see all the sites that Honduras has to offer. Honduras offers world class diving and snorkeling in the bay islands, to site seeing history in the west, or the festivals to the central part of the country. There are tours for every type of budget and personality, if you do not find one you like make your own there are many companies in Honduras that will mold a package just to fit your taste.

Relax on a Beach

Of course you are on vacation and you just may not want to see or hear anything at all. But your idea of having a great time is to find one of the many secluded beaches and pull out the hammock you bought down and relax and sleep away a week’s worth of stress . Made even better that you know no one even knows where you are and you can keep all the gizmos and gadgets back home. Then take a dip in the ocean and go back to sleep again on the hammock. So one of the many reasons people go to Honduras is for the beaches what a better way than not to spend your vacation. Hundreds of miles of coastline on two oceans, so spending a day on the beaches is one of the great things to do in Honduras.

If you would like to learn more about Honduras please visit my website it has everything from travel to attractions, news, politics, life and living in Honduras as an expat. With much more information and insight then you will ever need to know so come and share your thoughts with the rest of our readers on what you did in Honduras


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  • Kadmiels profile image

    Kadmiels 6 years ago from Florida

    thanks for your great feedback i love honduras as well :)

  • ParadiseForever profile image

    ParadiseForever 7 years ago from Chennai, India.

    Hi Kadmiels,

    This article has taken me to Honduras personally. No joking. Visited Mayan ruins, some kind of relaxation at Bay Islands, Diving in Coral Reefs, seeing exotic animals

    and part of Honduras festivals. This hub has also taken me to your other hubs on Honduras. Thanks for great

    details for new visitors. Keep writing.

  • LRobbins profile image

    Laurel 8 years ago from Germany

    Great article and list of things to do! Nice to see someone promoting Honduras as Honduras often gets left out but is an amazing place.