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Things to Do in Portland Oregon

Updated on July 28, 2013


Clackamas, OR.
Clackamas, OR. | Source


Shot from the top of Mt. Scott  (Clackamas Oregon)prior to sunset
Shot from the top of Mt. Scott (Clackamas Oregon)prior to sunset | Source


Backyard view in Oregon City, OR.
Backyard view in Oregon City, OR. | Source



Portland, Oregon tourist information

When I first came to Oregon it was on a visit in 1990 after my mother had moved here. I needed a break from everything.The earth had shook her out of her job in Watsonville in the 1989 earthquake and her boss had moved his business to Lake Oswego. I decided to stay back in the Santa Cruz area and try life on my own. But as most teenagers come to find out living on your own right out of high school is really not as great as you might think, so my mother suggested I come to Oregon for a visit and to consider living here myself. At the time they were living in Lake Oswego at some truly awesome apartments that were near the river and had luxory living written all over them. An Indoor pool and many amneties. They took me to Multnomah Falls where I got some amazing shots of Bridal Veil Falls and Multnomah Falls. At that point and time I didn't realise how many great destinations and sites to visit in the state. And now that I have been living here for the last 23 yrs or so I thought every one of you travelers and adventures out there should see what makes Oregon such a great place to live and visit. And hopefully the next time you decide to take a trip you'll take the time to come here to Oregon. With it's diverse attractions, cleanliness, and well mannered citizens, I am sure you won't be dissappointed.

The Pearl District is a part of Portland's downtown. It is a great destination for shopping, art and culture. Voted to be one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Oregon. To find out more on the Pearl District and it's fine dining and art and culture visit at

Portland holds many events throughout the metropolitan area and a various times of the year. Here is just a few attractions and places to visit in the city of Portland that I have found through the Portland visitors map courtesy of the Portland Conceirge Association, . The Spring Beer & Wine Festival . The Portland Rose Festival which is held downtown with floats on parade made of various flowers and foliage and carnival rides by the water in downtown Portland. Visit to find out more.

In the months of July and August there is the Waterfront Blues Festival , . The Bite of Oregon is another event held yearly in Portland. With restauranteurs and wine makers throughout Oregon come together and give the people of Oregon and tourists the opportunity to buy a variety of foods and beverages. For more information on when the next Bite of Oregon will take place visit .

The Portland Spirit in the only luxory cruise ship with dining on the Willamette River. They offer brunch,lunch and dinner on a sightseeing excursion on the Willamette River from June-September. Reservations must be made (503) 224-3900 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (503) 224-3900 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

The Portland Saturday Market is a shoppers dream come true. With handmade art and crafts. It is known as one of the nation's largest open-air arts market. It is open only on the weekends from the months of March through Christmas for more information call 503-222-6072 or visit .

Portland isn't just for adults there are also many things for the kids to do in the area. The Oregon Zoo is a beautiful establishment and educational. During the holdiays the have the Zoo lights and they offer overnight stays. Visit or call 503-226-1561.

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry a.k.a. as OMSI has educational exhibits and displays. With a planetarium and the opportunity to tour a submarine. The Omnimax theatre is also located there. For more information visit or call 503-797-4000.

I have only covered a small amount of what it is that you and your families and loved ones can find here in the Portland Metropolitan area. As a woman of 41, I haven't really had the opportunity yet to do much in the ways of exploring a state and city as much as I would have liked. Having only lived here for the last 23 yrs of my life I find myself excited and a grateful to still be in this area and can't wait to live the rest of my life here with my children. With so many things for us to do and see here in Oregon. There will never be a time that we won't find Oregon a state that isn't both interesting and diverse enough, for us to live in and be a part of.

If you want more information on Portland,Oregon please visit . Or take the time to come visit. The people of Portland and the State of Oregon are both gracious and proud of the city and state we live in.


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