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Things to do in Oklahoma city

Updated on May 2, 2012

Oklahoma Attractions

Some of the things to do in Oklahoma city include bricktown, whitewater bay water park, zoo, Oklahoma state fair, museums and stockyards. Oklahoma City is the largest city and state capital of Oklahoma. Oklahoma boasts the nation's premier minor league ballpark and a canal that flows beside restaurants and shops.

Things to do in Oklahoma city

Oklahoma City Downtown
Oklahoma City Downtown

1. Bricktown: Bricktown is home to many restaurants, sporting facilities, shops, attractions, condos, and a spectacular canal. Located in the heart of downtown Oklahoma city. Also you can take one of the water taxi ride on the bricktown canal. The ride is about 30 minutes. Water taxi ride is one of the popular attraction in Oklahoma city.

2. Whitewater bay water park: White Water bay waterpark features 30 water rides, pool, slides and games. People enjoy mega wedgie and acapulco cliff dive. Acapulco cliff dive is a high-speed, freefall body slide making this park one of the adventurous things to do in Oklahoma city.

3. Oklahoma zoo: Oklahoma City Zoo is the oldest zoo in the southwest. You can see gorillas, orangutans and chimps in a natural habitat, and aquaticus with its sea lions, and sea turtles. The zoo is one of the main attractions and one of fun things to do in Oklahoma City with family.

4. Oklahoma state fair: Oklahoma state fair is a large fair in Oklahoma City. It takes place in mid september each year. The fair runs for eleven days and is a great event for kids and families. Some of the main attraction includes horse shows, carnival rides, art competitions, wine competitions and ice shows.

Oklahoma state fair
Oklahoma state fair

5. Myriad botanical gardens: Myriad botanical gardens offers some lush gardens and landscaping. The garden is located in the downtown area. The primary features include crystal bridge tropical conservatory, and living plant museum. The plant museum has palm trees, tropical plants, flowers, waterfalls, and exotic animals.

6. Oklahoma stockyards: Stockyards is located southwest of downtown Oklahoma City and the bricktown area. Oklahoma stockyards is one of the one largest livestock markets in the world.

7. Oklahoma city museum of art: Museum of art has a collection of American and European paintings and sculpture.

8. Omniplex science center: Omniplex science center include hands-on science exhibits, a large-screen domed theatre, aerospace museum, gardens, and galleries devoted to cultural artifacts.

Oklahoma city zoo


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