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Three Places you Must Visit in Mombasa

Updated on August 21, 2014

Mombasa Cultural Event Near Tusks

About Mombasa

Mombasa offer tourist destination for many travellers across the world. The coastal city has a rich history. One way or the other you may have been to Mombasa or heard about Mombasa. The eighth best beach is about thirty miles south of Mombasa by road Diani Beach.

There are monumental sights that you can not miss to visit in Mombasa and here I will highlight three places that you can not afford to miss. Probably they not be the best places in the city but they are quite memorable if you did

The tusks in Mombasa
The tusks in Mombasa

The Tusks

Usually it makes no sense to the local here. These tusks have a history dating back to the colonial times. And every day I see many tourists come and take some photos atleast to remember this historical city.

It is near my place of work and so for many it does not make sense for them but for any traveller who wants to come to Mombasa it is nice for you to take a picture with the background of the tusks. Being in such a place is a rear opportunity for many.

The Tusks is located along Moi avenue at the centre of the city. It is complemented by a cool garden filled with indigenous trees in the garden that provide a nice resting zone especially at the peak of the day when the sun is straight up above you.

Location of the Tusks the ferry and Fort Jesus

show route and directions
A markermombasa tusks -
Pembe Mbili, Moi Ave, Mombasa, Kenya
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This is spot is quite famous among travellers

B markerfort jesus -
Fort Jesus, Mombasa, Kenya
get directions

Another historical spot you have to visit

C markerkenya ferry -
Likoni Ferry, Mombasa, Kenya
get directions

The third most neglected place you must see

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Fort Jesus Mombasa

View of Fort Jesus facing the ocean
View of Fort Jesus facing the ocean


You cannot come to this island city without visiting this historical sight. The map above shows you the distance between the tusks and the Fort-Jesus. It is a working distance that will take you 20 minutes.

The place is magnificent with a view of the ocean from one side. Its a place many associate with old history. There are artifacts and remains that are really worth seeing. The nature around Mombasa and its old building around the streets is some you will always remember about this place.

A ship arriving at the Kilindini habour.
A ship arriving at the Kilindini habour.

Kenya Ferry Services

From my perspective the movement of people across the Kilindini channel is really phenomenal. It is the same place where you can see huge ships coming and out of Kilindini Habour. There is a magnificient view of the ocean around Mama Ngina drive.

During low tides the rocks are visible and and you will find all lots of people around this place. So after visiting the other places I mentioned, you day will be done by walking down the the Kenya Ferry Services

wonderful sea in Mombasa
wonderful sea in Mombasa

There are boats that offer you exhortic sea trips. There are public beaches where you can interact with the locals and know their culture. Its only in Mombasa that you will find very friendly people who are willing to help at all times.

Life in Mombasa is relatively cheap. For travellers there are lodges and guests houses if you have to spend a night somewhere. There are beach hotels though most of them are located ouside the island and you may need to travel using either a taxi or matatu. Matatu will be cheaper than using a taxi.

When Visiting Mombasa Island

  • Mombasa is interesting if you are on foot. You don't need a taxi to move around
  • If you visit city you may need to know little Swahili or else use English. People are more conversant with the two
  • There are a lot of Tuk-tuks to help you navigate the city. You may need local currency in much smaller units to avoid being overcharged.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for direction. You can make use of google maps if you are able

Major Events

  • Mombasa has hosted world marathon champions few years back and generally sporting facilities are few. There is Mombasa sports club that is near the tusks. Only five minutes walk.
  • The Mombasa Agricultural Show is held around August of every year. If you find yourself in Mombasa you can go to the show. The venue is outside town on your way to the north.
  • Hawkers have reduced since the inception of county governments. So don't be worried about being bothered by sellers.
  • There are designated markets where you can shop. A few supermarkets in and one near the ferry.

In summary

  • Mombasa is the second largest town in Kenya.
  • Mombasa is older than Nairobi and is rich in history, old building that remain the beauty of the town.
  • When visiting you do not need heavy clothing. Its warm and sometimes very warm.
  • Main language in Mombasa is Swahili. Though there are areas adjacent to the city where locals know a bit of Deutsche and Italian language
  • The main economic activity here is tourism. Tourism drives the economy of coastal area.


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