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3 Things You Must Discover at the British Museum

Updated on February 25, 2016

There are about almost eight million works found in the museum,you could feel confused in deciding which displays you should take a look at. If you really want to make the most out of your visit, you should ensure that you have the following must-see objects in your list:

Mummy of Katebet


This is actually the mummified remains of a great old woman by the name of Katebet. The lady was once “The Chantress of Amun” in Karnak back in the Empire XVIII. Since she was a well-regarded singer in her time, her mummy has rich outer features that include a sophisticated wig, a gilded mummy-mask, and real rings on the attached wooden arms.

Rosetta Stone


You have likely heard of this kind of item in your classes but seeing this in person makes up a whole new experience.The inscriptions aren’t particularly interesting as it is merely a decree that established the divine cult of King Ptolemy V following his coronation. Still, the rock features exceptional value because it was the real key that allowed scholars to understand hieroglyphics for the first time.

Parthenon Sculptures


These are sometimes known as the Elgin Marbles and have been on public display since 1817. They are a collection of Classical Greek architectural pieces, inscriptions, and marble sculptures that were originally part of the Parthenon and the ancient Acropolis of Athens. They remain a source of diplomatic dispute with Greece but the UK would be remiss to let go of such a treasure.

Obviously, there are millions of other objects you can learn about when you visit the British Museum. If you are interested in going on a private tour, you can check British Tours dot com page where you can easily make a booking online.


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