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3 Most Popular Places to Visit In Bolivia

Updated on July 13, 2011

Here are three exceptional locations that anyone going into Bolivia should experience. There are a lot of other activates as well but these seem to be the top three among most visitors. They let you experience what Bolivia has to offer in unique and exciting ways.

El Pantanals

This is a great location to experience some of the greatest wetlands in the world. It spreads across several countries and there are many exotic animals, aquatic plants, and vast wet lands of nature’s beauty that is an exceptional place for the nature lovers or photographers to visit and experience. There is a local zoo also in the area based on these wetlands that let you experience sections of it at a time since exploring it all would take a long time. There you can also experience the rich fauna and wildlife that these lands have to offer.


This is an ancient pre Incan city in the heart of Bolivia it is the most historical place in all of Bolivia for those history and cultural enthusiast it is a must see. The Tiahuanaco culture is unique in many ways most notably the sculpture and style of stone they used to build this ancient city. Most of the stones that the city is built with weigh in a a few tons to over 15 tons at the Gate of the Sun. a carving that represents a portal to another world. There are rumors and legends that the ruins extend even deeper under the lake. In recent history some of these structures have been unearthed but only a small percentage and archeologist are waiting to see what other secrets they hold. You will be able to explore most of these ruins and see the traditional and culture experiences that people had back in the days before the Incan Empire.

Yungas Road

Traveling in Bolivia can get a little exciting if your driving in the right location. There Road is called the Yungas Road, The locals refer to it as the (Death Road). This road extends up into the Andes mountains and twist and curves sharply in a lot of places making it hard for you to see the edge of the road or of oncoming traffic. There are many people who travel this road throughout the year and have died along the way. Making this the most dangerous road in all of south America, but they have tried to improve the road by making sections better but overall the road is very dangerous.

But this does not stop thrill seekers from seeking the mountains road out. There are a number of people that have or want to take a bike tour down this winding mountain road. It starts at almost 45000 ft above sea level and ends roughly at about 3000 ft. The bike ride down this 45 mile highway of death is about 40 min, 3 min if you go over the cliff. But each year hundreds of extreme bikers flock to this remote location to experience the thrill of riding this one of a kind road.

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  • Travel Blogs profile image

    Travel Blogs 

    7 years ago from The world

    We spent 3 month in Bolivia and we miss it terribly. I would say Bolivia is the top travel destination of South America right now.

  • ahostagesituation profile image


    7 years ago

    Very, very nice. Thanks!


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