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Tips for Packing a Suitcase

Updated on March 1, 2018
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Packing a Suitcase

Packing tips for anyone that is traveling by car, bus, train, plane or sailing away on a ship or boat.

Make a list of essential items you cannot live without.

The day before you are to leave make sure everything you want to take on the trip with you is laundered and ready to go. Lay everything out on your bed and check off all items on your list as you pack.

Packing Breakable Bottles in Your Suitcase

  • When possible purchase small plastic bottles and transfer the contents into them.
  • Put breakable bottles into plastic zip lock bags.
  • If worried about bottles leaking seal them with candle wax.
  • Wrap the bottles in aluminum foil tightly and press to the contours of the jar or glass container.

Space Saving Tips for Suitcases

Utilize all possible space. Items that are small such as gloves, socks, shampoo bottles or hand cream will easily go into a shoe. If you are worried about stinky shoes pack the items in a plastic bag first.

If there are gaps in the suitcase stuff the gaps with socks or rolled up items to keep contents of the suitcase intact preventing items from rolling around or shifting.

Pack accordingly

  • How long will you be away for? If it is only a three day weekend it is unnecessary to bring enough clothing for two weeks.
  • What is the weather going to be like?
  • If you're going to a place with a pool don't forget to bring a bathing suit.
  • Will you be attending a formal social event or are only casual clothes needed?
  • Bring footwear that is only necessary as shoes or boots are heavy and take up space in that suitcase.
  • Ladies only bring makeup essentials, you don't really need the entire makeup collection do you?
  • If going to a hotel or motel check ahead and see if they provide a blow dryer.
  • How big is your suitcase or luggage set?
  • If traveling by plane, be sure to check with the airline to see how many pounds of baggage and what size is allowed.
  • If planning to shop while you're away, make sure your suitcase will have space to bring the items home in.


Packing Prescription Medications

When traveling to another country it is always best to keep all prescription medications together and in original bottles. It is better to be safe and be able to prove that these are prescribed drugs rather than being held at the border or at customs for drug smuggling.

How to fold and pack with only a carry on bag

Packing your Suitcase

Shoes are usually the heaviest item and should be placed on the bottom or in the corners of the suitcase.

If there is a zippered lid in your bag this makes a great place to pack underwear, socks, lingerie, and PJ's.

Rolling shirts will cut down on wrinkles when arriving at your destination.

If you are taking a suit or dress these items should be packed on top of everything else and folded so as not to crease as much as possible.

Here is something to consider

Items That Are Not Permitted in Carry On Bags

When flying you are not allowed to have the following items in your carry on bag, in your purse or on your person. Remember to put these items in your suitcase or luggage that is being checked.

  • Knives or any type of cutting instruments
  • Firearms/firearm parts/ammunition
  • Paintball guns
  • Power tools
  • Sports items such as hockey sticks, skis, ski poles, baseball bats
  • Liquids, gels, and aerosols
  • Snow-globes
  • Tweezers, nail clippers, cosmetic scissors
  • Breakable glass

There are exceptions to rules and if you want to pack something in your carry on bag that is questionable it is always best to check with the airline.

When It Comes to Packing

What kind of a packer are you?

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