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Tips for desert camping India

Updated on March 25, 2016
Indian Desert
Indian Desert

“Unity in diversity” is the motto and recognition of India. Here the natural resources are Himalaya there are glaciers, in Kerala there are rivers, in Rajasthan there is a Desert. Today we are going to discuss Desert camping in India. Once we think of the desert, our mind gives us a picture of hot sand, hot temperature, hot environment, and lake of water. But it’s not the appropriate introduction of Desert. Desert is more than it. In India, we are having deserts that can give us full enjoyment if we visit it. There are four deserts in India which are known as The Great Indian Deserts

  • The Great Desert of Thar
  • The Deccan Thorn Scrub Forests
  • Kutch’s White Salt Desert
  • Spiti Valley cold desert

We have made up our minds about camping, for us, camping places are like beautiful forests, a river bank or beautiful pond or lake. But camping in the desert is a new thing. Today’s generation is not much aware about the Desert camping so whenever they are going, they got difficulties. Here we are providing you Top Ten Tips which will become helpful to you in Desert camping in India.

Top Ten Tips which will become helpful to you in Desert camping in India.

  1. You should plan the duration of your camping that how long you want to stay there.
  2. As water is always in priority still you have to mindware the supply of water because generally local public even suffer from the lake of water, in that case, you have to manage your water source or backup.
  3. Safety comes first. As water is important, your first aid box is also important, because in the desert you can’t manage easily doctor emergency. In the desert you may be suffering from Dehydration, insect bite, Bee bite etc. so first aid kit is always helpful because you never know when you need it.
  4. Compass is always helpful; in a far area of Indian deserts, you might be unable to get mobile coverage. So to find the right direction you must have a compass. In the middle of Sea and Desert, you cannot decide the right direction. Guessing can be risky here so you should sure about the Directions; Because of this Compass is initial to take with.
  5. Try to travel in the daylight because in India there are not solar lights available in Desert. Once the weather becomes dark you are unable to judge the direction and your destination.
  6. When you are in Indian Desert, the campfire is an opportunity to enjoy the heat in colds nights. If you are in the Rajasthan, the local community called “Kalbelas” are ready to entertain you with Rajasthan folk songs and Dance. But remember Fire is Fire so keep it very far from your tent.
  7. When you are set upping your tent, choose flat and slight hard surface, try to choose the tent which is having the fabric-material which is strictly non-inflammable. Keeps your tent close just after your entry or exit.
  8. Try to gather maximum information about your camping place, like local language, geography, nearby hospitals, police stations, hotels even Fuel stations. This minor information can rescue you from the big harm.
  9. Try to be more hygienic, by washing your hands after using the toilet and before having a doing so you can save your group from the illness.
  10. Keep hat to protect your head from sharp sunlight. Use Sunglasses and lotions. Avoid short dresses; wear full pants and full T-shirts. Avoid wearing skin fits, keep sanitizer, wipes, and recycle things.

So try to keep deserts clean, as it can welcome people after you. Indian deserts are ready to welcome as “Atithi Devo Bhava” (Guests are a form of God).


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