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Tips on-Car Rental in Singapore

Updated on September 26, 2014

Unique car rental in Singapore is easily available, whereby you can get any car you like at any time. With the service of premier luxury car rental companies who are devoted in offering you first class provisions by renting out comfortable, luxurious, reliable and premier cars, you will experience an ultimate joyride. With their complete range of support services and professional business attitude, you can be rest assured that they will be at your beck and call and give you their best, and with a courteous smile. Look out for those providers who are eager to build long term relationships with their clients and pay close attention to their needs.

Car Rental In Singapore

Car rental and travel in Singapore is a privilege, as you have the best of cars at your disposal. Providers take extra care to ensure that every person is completely satisfied at both professional and personal levels. With low discount rates and provisions like delivery and pick up services, you will enjoy the maximum convenience possible. There are no hidden costs and car rental services do not charge anything extra; the stated rates are the final prices. These car rental providers have a wide array of cars - from economy models to luxury sedans - at rates that are just right for your budget. Call the provider for a car of your choice - whether it is for a trip to a nearby place or for a meeting with your clients.

Services Offered

Among the services listed by such providers are Singapore car rental services, local and Malaysia transfers, Limousine services, coach and minibus charters, organized private tours, worker transportation and city sightseeing. When you want a free delivery, just remember to inform the provider an hour or two in advance and the car will be picked up from and delivered to the desired location. Office timings on weekdays start from 9 am and go on till 9 pm while on Saturday they operate from 9 am to 6 pm. You can get their services even on Sundays and other public holidays, but with a surcharge.

Cost Of Car Rental In Singapore

The rentals are based on daily usage and the minimum rentals include 1 weekday and 2 weekends. As long as you are at least 24 years old, hold a valid visa and have at least 2 years of driving experience, you can hire these services in Singapore. The rental rates are inclusive of road tax, insurance, breakdown services, unlimited mileage and complete maintenance. A refundable deposit of $200 has to be made before the car reaches you.

The petrol consumed while the car is hired is at the client's expense and when the car is being returned, the petrol level has to be the same as it was when the car reached you. The cars are free to be driven into and around neighboring Malaysia and there is no mileage limitation. Payments can be made in cash and after the car reaches the client. Checks are also accepted.

So, if you have always longed to get hold of a fancy car and drive around in it, feel free to hire one now. Car rental companies offer first class facilities and you surely experience a joyful ride

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