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Tips to the Carnival Cruise Honeymooners

Updated on March 9, 2015

Decisions, Decisions

Hey lovebirds. If you're still on the fence about honeymooning with Carnival, let me remove some stress from your life right now: DO IT. My husband and I had an incredible experience--there are so many adventures to choose from along with tons of time to relax. You plan out and pay for most things before you go, so the vacation itself really feels like a vacation.

Preparing for your Carnival Honeymoon

--Avoid the Awkwardness: Tip Before.
Carnival now automatically charges tips to your Sail & Sign Card, which is great--who wants to carry damp, folded-up ones in his swim shorts all day? Even better is fulfilling this amount upon booking your cruise. That's one less thing to pay for after the magic is all over.

--Get Informed about Excursions
Good luck getting much internet access on the boat. You'll want to have an idea of which excursions you and your partner are interested in before the ship sets sail. The Carnival Activities Page has a list of all potential activities, and don't be afraid to check up on these excursions using other websites like TripAdvisor. My favorite excursions that I've done with carnival include snorkeling, Stingray City, zip lining, scuba diving, and swimming with dolphins. These excursions have always been seamless in my experience and well worth the money.
On a similar note, check the weather for the days and places you'll be there to get a better idea of which excursions will be most fitting for each day.

--Don't Hurt Yourself
If you can, get some kind of tan beforehand. Get in the sun a little bit more than you usually do or hit the indoor beds if you're cool with that kind of thing. The last thing you want on your steamy honeymoon is a painful, peeling burn. DON'T forget the sunscreen.
PS. Spray tans don't provide any protection from the sun, but when done right, they still look great for a week. I would suggest a salon that uses the Mystic HD Spray Tan Machine.

--Pack your Memory Gear
A cruise includes some exciting moments that you'll want on camera. A GoPro is ideal in this situation, being as durable and travel-friendly as it is, but anything will work.

--Don't Be Cheap--At Least on This
Don't share a room. Duh. Although it may be tempting, because it lowers the cost, it is not worth ruining your alone time. The rooms on these cruises are tiny--you won't want to share that space with anyone, ESPECIALLY on your honeymoon.

Quick Boarding Hints

--Show Off that Certificate
Just a hint to the young ones (usually under 25): bring that marriage certificate just in case. Many times, boarding won't be a problem, but it remains a possibility that you may be asked for proof of marriage in order to share a room with your new spouse.

--First's the Worst
Keep in mind: You're gonna have to do a safety drill, and it's not going to be all that fun. It occurs within a few hours of boarding and will involve standing with a lot of sweaty strangers wearing cute matching life jackets. Just stick with your party and get it over with--it's all up from there!

Eats: An Essential Part of the Experience

--Be a Pig
This is one of the few times in your life that you will have all-expense-paid food at your beck and call. There may come a day that you wake up to breakfast being delivered to your door, walk down to breakfast at the restaurant, get hot wings and ice cream for lunch, snack on the Italian buffet, enjoy a three-course dinner, order room service afterwards, and then hit the midnight chocolate buffet. Enjoy the delicious and constantly-accessible cuisine. Lose it later.

When it comes to dinnertime, here's a hint--order as many things as you want on the menu. If three of the dishes look good to you that night, they will literally bring all three out to you. Don't worry, you will more than likely start a trend at your table.

Talk with the individuals at your table (hint: you might get seated at a special honeymooner table!), exchange a few words with your servers, and wish a good day to the guy that has to clean your room. Reaching out will make for better treatment and a more rewarding experience.

Party: Go Be that Fun Couple

--Plan your Participation: Use the Activity Calendar
You'll find the ship's activity calendar in your room upon arrival. Choose a couple of things throughout the day that look appealing to you and your partner, either to participate in or to go and watch. That way you have a few things scheduled to keep you from getting bored while you're stuck on the ship, but not too much to keep you from lounging out by the pool and enjoying the sun.

--How Much Fun?: Excursions
As far as getting off the boat goes, there's nothing wrong with having a day for lying on the beach and playing in the ocean and another day for sightseeing and window shopping. If less excursions is the way to go for you and your partner, there is still plenty of fun to be had. If there are excursions that excite you and it is reasonably within your budget, they're well worth the money.

--Break Out: This is a Time for Memory-Making
Go SING karaoke. Go to the clubs and dance with each other. Sit in the front of the comedy show and hope you get made fun of. Be playful and open when those opportunities arrive--believe it or not, it will make looking back at your cruise honeymoon experience even sweeter.


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