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To Travel With a Pillow or Not to Travel with a Pillow

Updated on June 13, 2018

How Will you Rest while you are Waiting Around for your Plane?

The Everyday Travel Pillow comes in Many Shapes, Sizes, Materials ....

A quick search for a new travel pillow will show you that, like many things in our society, there are many variations. Travel pillows are not just U shaped anymore. There are u shaped pillows, turtle neck pillow, inflatable pillows, twist pillows, hoodie type pillows. You might feel a little jaded when you actually learn that there so many variety of pillows for this accessory.

The Travel Accessory Poll

Do you travel with a neck pillow when you are going through the airport?

See results

Why Might Someone need to have a Travel Pillow with them?

neck pain
long flight
lots of changevers
lack of sleep
numbness and tingling
recent whiplash
recent neck injury
bad neck posture
fall asleep easily
time of flight
bored, nothing else to do
very tired
have a lot of waiting around and downtime
love to sleep
its more comfortable
experiencing headaches
Some reasons why people may travel with a travel pillow.

Here are some popular Travel Neck Pillows on Amazon ...

Check out these travel pillows below.

A real live looking pillow, nothing fancy about this- But it compresses to Nothing, So its easy to Travel with

Easy to Take Anywhere, Simple to Use, Very Versalite - Takes up no Space

Here is a travel pillow that really looks like a smaller version of a bed pillow. My kind of pillow, because it is uncomplicated. You can use this pillow really anywhere. Camping, back packing, on the airplane, on a train, anywhere you need to nap.Also, you can use it behind you back, behind your neck, under your leg or legs, behind your knee, or as a bed pillow- many ways to us the pillow. You don't even have to blow up the pillow, so you don't need any fancy blow up tools. You just fluff the pillow and you are ready to go. One more thing to note is the the pillow comes in 4 sizes.

Small - 12 inches by 16 inches

Medium - 14 inches by 18 inches

Large - 16 inches by 23 inches

XLarge - 16.5 inches by 27 inches

This large and extra pillow is really the size of a standard size pillow. The great thing is that the pillow is compressible, so you don't even notice it.

A few other benefits that you might not think of initially. But when you look at it further, you might surprised:

  • It is super light
  • You can wash this rectangular travel pillow in the washing machine
  • It does no have an odor
  • It fluffs up nice and there is enough fluff to give you great support
  • You can use it behind your head, your neck, your leg, your knee, and your back
  • The cover the pillow the pillow is very luxurious
  • You can pack the pillow easily. It won't take up a lot of space. Think about when you travel- space is premium when you are trying to get ready for a trip whether is 2 days or 8 day, domestic or international
  • Finally, it is comfortable. You want a pillow that will allow you to fall asleep. This one does.

You Want Something Simple!

I was just talking to someone how we don't love the air pillows. First you usually have to blow hem up - I didn't even mention if they spring a leak...And they easily can!

Then, they have to hold their air; I'm not even talking about a big leak!

Then, you have to deflate them. Who wants o do all that?


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    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      16 months ago from Norfolk, England

      I've never travelled with a neck pillow before, but I have seen people use them in airports before now. I can never sleep when travelling anyway.


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