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Top 10 Destinations for Adventurous Families!

Updated on July 9, 2015

#1 Aspen Colorado

Aspen Colorado
Aspen Colorado | Source

Family Friendly and Fun!

Bringing our whole family on vacation creates a closeness… It's not just looking forward to taking a vacation together it's about the memories.

I have created this hub for active families that want to have fun together. I have found some really great vacations Every vacation starts with some planning. In this Hub I will give you some great places to go for the new year of travel!

Ready set here we go!

#1 The X Games in Aspen Colorado


In January the X Games, competitions are usually held in Aspen. It is a place to go for action and adventure this winter! Aspen is situated in a remote area of the Rocky Mountains. It is popular for winter sports, snow skiing, blue skies and fresh powder under your board! You can take advantage of great skiing and riding as well as exciting on and off mountain events.

Tree Trail in Aspen, Colorado


#2 West Virginia Adventure


West Virginia

Grab a paddle and head for West Virginia and enjoy a rafting adventure for everyone in your family. West Virginia's New River is a tributary of the kanawha River. The new River is 320 miles long and is one of the nation's American Heritage Rivers it was named New River because it was not known to early Atlantic Coast explorers. Despite its name the new River is the third oldest river in the world geologically. There are many open ledges along the rim. featuring popular views with favorites including the Hawks Nest State Park and various overlooks. The new River is home to many species of freshwater game fish. This is one of the oldest rivers on the planet, you can choose from negotiating easy warm-up rapids to some serious white water rafting. The New River spent the last few million years carving a 1000 foot deep gorge through the southern Appalachian Mountains, it's hard to imagine a better place to go river rafting. The rapids on the upper stretches of the New River are a families delight. The adrenaline junkies head to the rivers lower section where the thrills can crank up to 10 foot drops. You can also get a rafting trip with a meal included. There are many cozy lodges and friendly people in West Virginia. it's a great place to visit!

#3 Nice, France Carnival


Nice, France

Nice Carnival ~ French Riviera

Nice Carnival
February - March

On the French Riviera for more than two weeks the streets of Nice and and lots of fun. This year's theme will be centered on the king of five continents the characters portrayed are in paper-mâché's on floats all over the city, the event concludes with a ceremonial burning of the constructed procession floats are taken to the beach and set ablaze this festival has something for the whole family and that is why millions of people each year attend the Nice Carnival as one of the most popular and celebratory festivals.

#4 Universal Studios Orlando


Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios Orlando will have its Harry Potter expansion to open in 2014 the wizardly world of Harry Potter it will have a London look and feel when it opens at Universal Studios Orlando estimated anticipated expansion of the wizarding world of Harry Potter they'll be more shops and restaurants based on the J.K. Rowling series of books and films.

#5 Sochi Russia


Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi Russia


After The olympics will be nice new affordable hotels to see!

Russia is spent 43 billion dollars getting ready for the 2014 winter Olympics. Sochi Russia has built some fantastic resorts and world-class dining. They have made transit easy for getting from A to B and included options for tours. Russia has been waiting for an overhaul like this and thanks to the 2014 Winter Olympics now travelwise the torch has been lit for tourism in Russia. After the winter Olympics they'll be great package deals, I am predicting that Sochi will be one of the most popular destinations and in all of Russia, especially after the olympics, and lets go stay in to a brand new five star hotel for a great deal in 2015! There is plenty to do there year round. Ski slopes in winter and visit the dolphin aquarium in the summer. Shopping malls, botanical gardens, festival and concerts. I recommend visiting the Sochi National Park as well. You can also visit a tea plantation or go to the Aqua Park!

#6 London, England


The British museum, The tower of London and the Buckingham Palace are some of the most wonderful sights rich in history and fascinating engineering. London is a great place for the whole family to go and the best time to visit is in the spring when all the flowers start to bloom the tulips and gardens are enchanting. You can get a better deal if you go in May flowers are still blooming then, when the average temperature is 70 degrees and just after the spring rush of vacationers. The National Gallery is a great place to see some famous art, they have special audio tours and maps for children. The Natural History Museum is a great place to go as a family as well its free to get in. You can purchase an Explorer backpack for the little ones and it is filled with all kinds of entertaining items. The tennis Wimbledon will be held on June 23,2014. You can also check out Mdm. Tussaud's famous wax Museum or The London Eye aka Millennium Wheel is a giant Ferris Wheel best to go at night so you can see the whole city lights, and bring your cameras!

#7 Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful
Old Faithful | Source

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a national park located in the US state of Wyoming. The park was established in 1872 as America's first national park. Old Faithful and the majority of the worlds geysers are preserved here. The human history of Yellowstone goes back more than 11,000 years many groups of Native Americans use the park as their homes, hunting grounds and transportation routes, these traditional uses of Yellowstone lands continued until over 200 years ago when the first people of European descent found their way into the park. In 1872 a country that had not yet seen its first Centennial established Yellowstone as the first national park in the world. A new concept was born and with it a new way for people to preserve and protect the best of what they had for the benefit of enjoyment for future generations. That enjoyment lives on today, Approximately 3 million people visit Yellowstone each year in summer however some are discovering the pleasure of enjoying Yellowstone in the off seasons spring, fall and winter. Yellowstone is a year-round park be sure to check out the weather and site before coming. Plowing begins in March depending on the weather I recommend a May or June trip to Yellowstone. Children who will be visiting Yellowstone in person can become Junior Rangers, and there are many more things to do like riding horses, fishing, camping, backpacking and even swimming in nearby lakes.

#8 Honolulu, Oahu


Honolulu is a city in Oahu and the state capital it is also the most populated city in the US state of Hawaii. On the island of Oahu there is so much to do! You can check out their historic landmarks their treasured monuments, enjoy their world-class shopping. Honolulu is home to Pearl Harbor and the famous Waikiki Beach. You can take a snorkeling trip to Hunama Bay with crystal blue waters Or learn to surf the famous Waikiki Beach. Or try out newest paddle boarding technique. Many resorts in Waikiki are family-friendly. You can go horseback riding, go to a luau, or just soak up the sun. The island of Oahu is a great place to visit for all ages.

#9 Bahamas, Nassau Paradise Island


On Paradise Island in the Bahamas, there are plenty of fun things to do. You can get up close with an Atlantic bottle-nose dolphin. Or have fun in 141 acre water park with nine water-slides and 11 pools. Experience close-up views of more than 50,000 marine animals from over 200 species. You will find plenty of entertainment and activities for the whole family to enjoy.

#10 World Waterpark, in Alberta Canada

Travelers choice 2013 winner was the world water-park in Edmonton Alberta Canada. This tropical paradise boasts the world's largest indoor wave pool and more than 17 water slides and play features. There is so much to do in Edmonton the world water-park is connected to the West Edmonton Mall where they also have an ice-skating rink, theaters. The theaters at the West Edmonton Mall has an IMAX 3-D and the new galaxy quest 7D experience. They have dining and even a pirate ship. Alberta Canada has it all and families flock here year round as the world park is open even in winter.


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  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

    Great information and pictures. Voted Up and Useful.

  • srsddn profile image

    srsddn 4 years ago from Dehra Dun, India

    mindyjgirl, These all seem to be great destinations. I wish I could make at least one with my family. Nice Carnival, France and Winter Olympics, Russia could be nice choices. Thanks for sharing. Voted up.