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Top 10 places to visit in Lagos Nigeria

Updated on August 27, 2011

Top 10 places to visit in Lagos Nigeria

If you are on visit to Lagos Nigeria either for business or pleasure, here is my list of 10 places you need to visit in Lagos Nigeria.

1.       Silverbird Galleria

The silverbird Galleria is a one stop shopping center with many modern shopping facilities. It is a relaxation center with the very best of entertainment and lifestyle services on offer. For instance one of Nigeria’s leading cinema companies, the silverbird cinemas is located in the multi purpose building. It has a very large space on the ground floor on which various events hold on a day to day basis such as dance competitions, parties and other forms of amusement. There are other notable activities you could find at this place such as bowling, bookstores, boutiques and a host of others. Of course the quality of service at this place is world class. The silverbird galleria can be found at Ahmadu Bello way in Victoria Island.

2.       The Palms shopping Mall

The palms shopping mall is by far the most sophisticated shopping center in Lagos Nigeria with world class facilities, shops and malls that could leave you gasping for breathe. I respect the luxury and neatness of this place. Of course just like the silverbird galleria, the Palms center has cinemas and other lifestyle shops but it is by far a classy place in a world of its own. Virtually anything under the sun can be bought here. The Palms is located in Lekki area of Lagos.

3.       The e-center

The e-center another property of the silverbird group but is located at TOS Benson Avenue in Yaba Area of Lagos. It too is a multi purpose building with state of the art facilities and a variety of entertainment centers to its credit. At the e-center is the popular Koko lounge, the Ozone cinema and Domino stores among others.

4.       National Arts Theatre

Built and commissioned in 1977, this edifice is one of Nigeria’s most culturally significant entertainment spots. The theatre although not well managed is however a beauty to behold, with its many rooms and halls as well as spacious and serene environment, this place is ideal for weekend visits and public holiday relaxation. The national arts theatre is located in Iganmu.

5.       The National Museum

The national Museum located near the Muson center in Onikan is a place of cultural and historical significance of Nigeria. You can visit this place to know more about the history of Nigeria.

6.       Oniru Private Beach

Oniru Beach in Lekki is another fun place to visit especially on weekends and public holidays. The opportunity to ride horses and swim in the Atlantic Ocean though not everyone’s idea of an outdoor activity is still worth the trouble.

7.       Wools worth Park

This natural park located on the Lekki Epe Expressway after Ajah on your way to Epe has some interesting things to see. Wild animals confined to a small habitat for both Education and entertainment is indeed a must see.

8.       The Federal Palace hotel

The federal palace hotel with its casinos, restaurants and bars is a place to hangout with friends and meet new people. However be prepared to spend good money as this place doesn’t come cheap.

9.       Badagry

The ancient town of Badagry has many historical items to see. The first story building in Nigeria, the first primary school in Nigeria, the infamous slave port and the Badagry beach are some of the things you would consider when visiting this place. However also take time to interact with the local community and discover how cheap food items can be in this area. Life is quite interesting in this semi rural community.

10.   BRT routes

The BRT stands for bus rapid transport system and in Lagos there are BRT routes for the blue and red buses. The advantage of this route over other bus routes is that you get to see Lagos as it is on a normal weekday in the comfort of a commuter friendly bus. The traffic, hectic and ever busy troubles of the everyday Lagos environment isn’t obvious as move on a dedicated lane. My advice though is to have a camcorder or digital camera to take shots of unique scenes.

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    • profile image

      Slimzy 2 years ago

      i have been to all the interesting places in Badagry,it nice i must say

    • profile image

      omachile 2 years ago

      i have been to badagry and visited those places listed above

    • Paulipopo profile image

      Paulipopo 3 years ago from Abuja, Nigeria

      @practical Obviously you're blessed with the unique gift of reading human mind and character through short articles. I wonder why the world isn't "overwhelmingly blessed" with your type to help mankind create the utopia we have been longing for?

    • profile image

      Practical 3 years ago

      The way you described Badagri like you're above cheap food and people of semi-rural areas. I can see a glint of conceit in your article...

    • profile image

      Hycz 3 years ago

      i guess the special thing about BRT lane is when drive though their with your private car.

    • profile image

      Marlee 3 years ago

      A few years ago I'd have to pay someone for this inamnoftior.

    • profile image

      felix chime 3 years ago

      What is BRT LANE doing in dat list

    • profile image

      Lidis sugar 5 years ago

      u guys should try and encourage ur country, but seriously the BRT should not have been on that list

    • profile image

      Akanbi gbolahan 5 years ago

      BRT........ What is so special about BRT lane, you must be among fashola boys.

    • profile image

      Juliet 5 years ago

      I want 2 say ave neva been 2 any of dis places b4 but i do lky d muson center at onikan

    • profile image

      Kazuki 6 years ago

      BRT shldn't have been included bcos i see it as a waste of time

    • profile image

      In and out 6 years ago

      Seriously! There are so many more interesting places to visit. E.g Didi Museum, Bogobiri, Nike art gallery, Oba's palace. This list is quite poor.

    • profile image

      biocity 6 years ago

      i guess 3rd mainland bridge should be included.

    • profile image

      Phatye 7 years ago

      "My advice though is to have a camcorder or digital camera to take shots of unique scenes." lmao rotf lwtmb

    • profile image

      Ojo Pius 7 years ago

      How about the Eko hotel and suite, i guess is missing out from your list, its the heaven of lagos big wigs.