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Top 10 Destinations for your Valentine

Updated on February 10, 2013

Everyone is planning on how to show their appreciation for their loved ones on Valentine's Day,February 14. Whether it be by dinner or a movie, decisions have to be made on what is best place to go. One of the most important decisions that needs to be made is where to take your valentine. The list below contains information on where you could possibly take your Valentine on their special day.

As you will soon see these destinations are in no particular order. I've decided to give my hub the title of the top 10 destinations because it sounds more official or suiting in a sense. As I've spoken to female friends they've told me of places that they were taken and how they didn't or did like the place their significant other chose. These places are made of places that they did like to be taken and why.


A nice restaurant that costs at least 20 dollars or more per plate shows alot. It shows your Valentine that you care and that you will do anything to make them happy even pay a ridicoulous amount of money at a restaurant that they've never been to before. Mostly what females are looking for is some romance not even just for Valentine's Day but everyday in general. If you are not as romantic as you should be, the best thing would be to use Valentine's Day as a starting place and to remember to try to maintain that romance every once in a while thereafter.


Year after year, one of the most common places couples go on Valentine's day is to the movie theatre. I figure if you are not as close to the person who is your Valentine and feel that spending a ridiculous amount of money is absurd, a trip to the movies doesn't sound all that bad. A good movie you might want to see depends on the types of movies that your date appreciates. A couple of movies I would recommend would either be a comedy or a romance. I wouldn't necessarily choose a scary movie, especially if your date doesn't prefer scary movies.


Sometimes, one of the places to take your Valentine is no place at all. Depending on whether or not your girlfriend or boyfriend prefers the simpler things in life or material things, a home cooked meal can definetly show off your romantic side. Especially, if you never cooked for your loved one and you want to surprise them, something simple such as their favorite foods being made and dessert in the end will go a long way.


After watching movies and reading stories, a boat ride is seen as a romantic gesture to females in particular. A boat ride shows that you care and that you really want to win over your Valentine's heart. It could be a boat ride on a lake or on the ocean, anything of the such will definetly be appreciated. Your destination could be a shore with a restaurant on it or to simply continue to enjoy your boat ride on the water.


A thoughtful and carefully planned out trip to some place small or grand can go a long way in trying to impress your Valentine. If you are a couple and you are completely and utterly in love with your Valentine, I suggest a trip that is affordable in the United States, maybe to visit family and to go sightseeing. If you are not a couple but still love the person, I suggest maybe a city thats about a couple of hours away that could be turned into a shopping tripping, it can still be memorable and alot cheaper. If you chose any one to be your Valentine, I think something as simple as a place that is around an 1 or 2 away from where you are and a light shopping trip wouldn't hurt. I chose these accordingly because maybe you don't know where the relationship is going, maybe your aren't close to the person who is your Valentine, and feel that it isn't going to last long, so why spend your time and money way more than you should.


If you are generous and have the appropiate funds to splurge on your Valentine, a plane ride to somewhere with warm weather will really help. It not only shows your loved one that you care but it shows them that you want them to relax, enjoy themselves, and that you appreciate being in their presence. Your showing them that you want their time, love, and support on Valentine's Day.


A place with a beach and sand can go a long way on Valentine's Day. I recommend a beach if you are near one or if you will be by one on Valentine's Day. The warmth of the sun and the sand with the cold waters and ocean breeze is very romantic. A picnic or a delicious lunch on the beach is very special and may surprise someone that you care about or whom cares about you. The best time to probably take them to the beach is right before sun rise or when the sun sets, in order to avoid the hot sun.


Nothing helps to set the mood more than a comedy show. A comedy show provides your Valentine with laughter and excitement as they release stress from their normal hectic day and are able to relax and have fun. A comedy show that they can be taken to is maybe a show that features a comedian that they love or a comedian that you know for a fact that they will think is funny.


A balloon ride can captivate your loved one and can really get them excited and pumped up for what might lie ahead. This balloon ride can be either for thirty minutes or for an hour. The best time to choose to go on the balloon ride would also be before the sun rises or right before the sun sets. Therefore, it wouldn't be too dark and the two of you can enjoy the view.


The bowling alley is another destination that is common to take your Valentine on Valentine's Day. I only suggest going to go to one, if your Valentine actually likes to bowl. Bowling can be seen as a fun activity that the two of you can enjoy. If you don't like romantic movies as a male or if you want someplace simple, the bowling alley can be quite a fun time.

Overall, I chose these places based on my own opinion and the experiences of the ones around me. Depending on your Valentine, your relationship status, and your budget, I highly suggest choosing one of the places that I have recommended above. These places can be inexpensive such as the movie theatre or the bowling alley. On the other hand, these places can be expensive such as the boat ride or the plane trip to some place exotic. In the end, the destination to take your Valentine is your decision and your decision alone.


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    • torrilynn profile image

      torrilynn 5 years ago

      @DDE thanks and yeah i hope this list helped others that wanted to travel showcase off romance or simply to stay at home.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      An interesting and worth while list to follow or go through, voted up!

    • torrilynn profile image

      torrilynn 5 years ago

      @kidscrafts thanks and yeah i think making a home cooked meal will be an easier choice and alot more interesting

    • kidscrafts profile image

      kidscrafts 5 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

      Going away somewhere sounds really tempting but not this time :-(

      I think I will enjoy to prepare a special meal for my sweet heart!

      I like all your suggestions! Voted up and useful!

    • torrilynn profile image

      torrilynn 5 years ago

      @mackyi thanks i really appreciate your comment and overall i think in order to not overdue it, they should simply cook a home made meal. Way more inexpensive and fun.

    • mackyi profile image

      I.W. McFarlane 5 years ago from Philadelphia

      Thanks for sharing some great Valentine's day romantic ideas. The idea I love the most is "cooking" for your loved one. I think this is just because I really enjoy cooking. For me, this would be a great time to prepare one of her favorite dishes and serve it to her under candle lights, while she is being serenaded with some soft romantic music in the background - preferably songs from one of her favorite artists.