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Top 3 Best Beaches in Asia

Updated on February 6, 2012

Bali Beach

Most if not all of us love the idea of heading to great and nicest beaches in the world on one of our own travel trip. To me, the top best beaches in the world would have to be these 3 spots in Asia. They are Sipadan in Sabah, Bali in Indonesia and Maldives. Have you been to any of these beaches before? You should if you haven't in your lifetime as yet. You would never regret any tad bit of it as going to any of these travel beach spots would definitely remain in your memory for as long as you would be able to remember. It would your most spoken about travel experiences too.

Bali is one of the best and nicest beach you could visit or explore in one of your travel trips. Bali is in Southeast Asia part of the world in Indonesia. It is only 3 hours 30 minutes plane ride if I am not mistaken the last time I was there. Before you head to Bali you do not need to search around or in the internet for accommodation. There are plenty for you once you've touched down in Bali. Grab a map or few maps as it is provided as you walk out to the arrival hall. Take an hour or two to look around and search as you walk in and out from each of the bed and breakfast places or also known as 3 stars hotels. Usually it comes with breakfast and you would be given few choices of breakfast to pick from too.

Even from the maps and other brochures on places to visit and such like Kuta Beach which has the longest stretch of beach front, Jimbaran Beach which is famous for their lovely sunset and Tanah Lot as well. If you do not want to miss out both of these sunsets do go to both on different days. These two major locations are way and far apart from each other. So, plan your sightseeing well and ask the local tour guides advises if you do not want to waste time on traveling from one end to the other.

Maldives Island

The second best beach or island to visit is definitely Maldives! Maldives island is perfect for going diving and just relaxing at the beach. For most it would be the prime area for honeymooners to spend some good quality time together with just among no other people but just themselves. There are activities planned out by the hotel or tour guides in Maldives as there are way couple of things to do on such a beautiful island. Honeymooners get to enjoy some relaxing time at the spa or even just by the sea or just doing nothing but sunbathe whole day long.

Maldives is also one of the most favorite island that many divers from around the world loves to go and enjoy the many other wonderful private beaches. They would spend couple of days to a week diving different parts of Maldives lovely sea waters. Underwater world is so lovely and interesting. If you have not done it before you should head there or any of these 3 best beaches in the world a visit. You would definitely love the world under the lovely sea water as you could see and watch so many kinds of corals, fishes and other underwater life that exists over a few decades for some.

Sipadan Island, Sabah

Last but not least, Sipadan Island the very island in my home land in Sabah, Malaysia. If you have not been especially for Malaysians, it is best to at least visit once in your lifetime. It is superbly beautiful and you would realize it does not take one to head overseas or all the way on a 5 hours flight to another country just to enjoy an under water world experience. Besides, you could also visit the many little islands around Sipadan islands that has many private beaches that is yet to be explored by humankind.

Take a peek and find a time to explore your very own beautiful islands that are just around and near us. Observe and look around, beautiful places and interesting things to view and appreciate. Nevertheless, there are way too many magnificent islands around the world yet the best in Asia must be 3 of these which you have just read about. Enjoy your island exploring trips and make the most of seeing nature while you can.


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    • Orchia profile image

      Mashuri Rachmad 3 years ago from Indonesia

      fantastic, i really like

      may be this is another top beaches in Asia :

    • hbng profile image

      hbng 5 years ago from Malaysia

      hey cz, tks fr ya comments!

      yeah indeed there are way many beautiful beaches in Asia... cldn't resist on sharing these 3 as i've been to each of them. :) feel free to comment n vote up my other hubs! tks in advance!

    • CZCZCZ profile image

      CZCZCZ 5 years ago from Oregon

      There is some wonderful beaches in Asia that is for sure. The beaches in the Philippines are also wonderful places. Thanks for sharing these special places.