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Top 5 Must See Tourist Places in Mauritius

Updated on June 13, 2012


Mauritius is a spectacular island nation situated on the south western side of the Indian Ocean, encompassing other islands like Agalega, Rodrigues and St. Brandon. Mauritius is replete with scenic spots, romantic gardens, salubrious beaches, exotic wildlife parks, historic monuments, medieval ruins and few awesome religious sites - along with modern infrastructure and transportation facilities – all the ingredients to make it a veritable tourist paradise.

Beautiful Mauritius
Beautiful Mauritius


Port Louis

Port Louis is a vibrant port city and the capital of Mauritius where there is a marvelous fusion of different cultures and varying traditions. The nightlife is full of color and the swish new Le Caudan Waterfront is certainly one of the most happening places. Here you can completely lose your sense of time and actively partake in all types of fun and excitement - the casinos, cinemas, shopping arcades, pubs, night shows, bars and restaurants.

When in Port Louis, visit the Natural History Museum, where you can see the stuffed replica of several extinct birds, animals, sea creatures and most exclusively, the dodo, which is a long extinct species.

Père Laval's shrine is known for religious conversion and pilgrims recount instances of the statue's healing powers. You can gaze in wonderment at the Islamic architecture at Jummah Mosque. Another noteworthy ancient edifice is Fort Adelaide at the lovable harbor side location. The harbor is located between mountains which make it a picturesque sight. Tourists visiting the place enjoy the incredible hilltop views, which one must see to believe.

Swimming with dolphins in Mauritius

Pamplemonsses Garden

Pamplemonsses Garden, which is one of the most spectacular gardens and a major tourist destination in Mauritius, houses the exotic chateau of Pierre Poivre and also features several rare indigenous species of plants. Pamplemousses Gardens are a rich repository of scenic and natural beauty and still retaining traces of the age-old botanical gardens which were established by a French governor 300 years back.

The gardens comprises of a thick collection of palm trees and Queen Victoria water lilies. Java deer and Gazebos are too found in the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam botanical Island which is the new name for the Pamplemousses gardens.

Apart from the breathtaking natural beauties, the garden is also famous for its unique architecture - the wrought iron gates and white iron grills enhance the majesty of Pamplemousse Garden. It is a very large garden and will take almost two hours to completely view every bit of it. The other attractions of Pamplemousse Garden are the pond with large floating lilies, ubiquitously spread palm trees and an abundance of rare flowers.

La Vanille Crocodile Park mauritius

La Vanille Crocodile Park

La Vanille Crocodile Park is situated near Riviere des Anguilles, in the southern region of the island nation. Step inside the La Vanille Reserve and lose yourself with the verdure tropical vegetation. Here is a great opportunity for visitors to explore variety of indigenous plants in the reserve. Seeing La Vanille Crocodile Park, is a thrilling experience where a large number of Nile crocodiles gather in their breeding waterholes. The park is akin to a tropical rain forest with the palms trees, freshwater brooks and a collection of local flowers and plants.

La Vanille Crocodile Park also features a variety of other animal species like monkeys, bats, tortoises and countless different species of insects in an insectarium within the reserve. An impressive number of fruit bats, mongooses, lizards, fish, chameleons and many other species of reptiles and animals can be sighted here. Leisurely walk around in the plush green forest and admire nature's pristine glory. A large number of fruit bats, mongooses, lizards, fish, chameleons and many other species of reptiles and animals can also be sighted here.

Welcome to Mauritius

Casela Bird Park

A visit to Casela Bird Park is a veritable feast for nature lovers who can listen to the different chirping sounds of a multitude of bird varieties and their sonorous catcalls and birdcalls. Set in magnificent surroundings between Bambous and Tamarine in the Riviere Noire district, Casela Bird Park is a wonderland with its rich and thick collection of 140 bird species sporadically flying across the length and breadth of the bird park. The Casela Bird Park is an ideal getaway for both seasoned and amateurish ornithologists who flock to the place from all around the world.

Mauritius by helicopter

Other chief attractions

The beaches of Mauritius are some of the best in the world with silvery sands contrasting with blue waters that are an optic treat for any traveler. The beaches are well maintained and provide opportunities for a host of water sports including water skiing, boating, swimming, sailing, wind surfing, and fishing.

Black River George is a national park stretching as area of 6,574 hectares aimed at saving the natural vegetation of the island and makes it one of the most important Mauritius sightseeing spots. The historic sites of Mauritius include the ruins of the European settlements and some other monuments belonging to that period. The Balaclava ruins and the Dutch ruins at Vieux Grand Port reflect the medieval history of the island.

Ile Aux Cerfs Island, located in Mauritius, is a beautiful and naturally resplendent island located on the east coast of a beatific Mauritius. The island physically covers 100 hectares and features a plethora of picturesque sandy beaches in the vicinity.

L'Etoile Nature Reserve is one of the dream tourist attractions of Mauritius. It is a magnificent land covered with sparkling green carpet. Stroll around or still preferably, take a thrilling bike ride in the reserve and enjoy the panoramic view of the tropical landscapes, multicolored birds, deer reserves, coffee and vanilla farms and various beautiful sightseeing around the reserve.

Visit Mauritius

Mauritius is an island with best of tropical landscape and the myriad attractive tourist destinations located in the enchanting island of Mauritius provide an optic feast to every visitor. Mauritius is a rich and big treasure trove of nature and has been for long time a common haunt of nature lovers and globetrotters.


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    • profile image

      fulldraw 6 years ago

      Expensive you must be kidding !!!!! 2br self contained appartment 100m from beach US40 per night. street food is fantastic and US50c-US$2 bottle of 1lt bottle of Rum US$6. Key is dont stay at the resorts the resorts are expensive not mauritius.

    • profile image

      laiju  6 years ago

      mauritius is a gud country but it is very expencive

    • BanjDog profile image

      BanjDog 7 years ago from Travel Around

      Mauritius is a fantastic place to visit and yes, Hello, hello, you are not far off with saying it looks like paradise. There is so much natural beauty.