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Top 5 Must See Tourist Places in Mizoram, India

Updated on August 23, 2011

Mizoram, india

The adorable state of Mizoram, replete with scenic wonders, is situated in the remote northeastern corner of India. Tourist attractions in Mizoram include the bluish mountains, placid lakes, scintillating brooks, dense woods, spectacular waterfalls and green carpeted valleys. Bordered by Tripura, Manipur, and Assam, Mizoram is a veritable pleasure land for all nature lovers who travel to India.

Vantawng Falls, Mizoram
Vantawng Falls, Mizoram


The Blue Mountain (Phawngpui)

The Blue Mountain (Phawngpui), the highest peak in Mizoram measuring 2,157 meters in height and encircled by bamboo groves, is situated in Chhimtuipui district overlooking the bend of the river Koldyne (Chhimtuipui) close to India’s border with Myanmar. there is a level ground of about 200 hectares, offers a grand view of the height hills and the meandering undulated valleys. The woods around are home to various rare species of flora and fauna.

Besides, Phawngpui, the Blue Mountain of Mizoram is a highly revered peak, believed to be the abode of the Gods. Phawngpui Peak is famous for orchids and rhododendrons and when you reach the Phawngpui Peak, you can obtain the most enchanting view of Mizoram.

Sibuta Lung

his adopted father and became the chief of over 2,000 houses. This monument was reportedly built by him about three centuries ago. The memorial has an interesting background of jilted love and a strong impulse of vindictiveness. Having been rejected by his lady-love, Sibuta was enraged and decided to raise a memorial for himself in a fit of madness. It is further stated that Sibuta placed a young beautiful girl, Darlai, in a big pit on which he wanted to erect a memorial for himself. Whatever the sordid background, the place is today a major tourist attraction and there is a regular flow of visitors.

Paradise unexplored - North East INDIA part 1

Phulpui Grave

Yet another tale of tragic love hovers around this grave located at Phulpui village in Aizawl District. The story goes that Tualvungi, a ravishingly beautiful woman, was married to Zawlpala, the Phulpui chief. She was later forced into marrying Phuntia, chief of another village. But Tualvungi was deeply committed to her first love and came to Phulpui several years after Zawlpala's death. A repentant and grief-stricken Tualvungi dug a pit adjacent to her erstwhile husband’s grave and persuaded an old woman to kill and bury her there.

Paradise unexplored - North East INDIA part 2


Lungvandawt is a local word to denote a stone rising menacingly upwards to reach the heavens. This is very stately, awesome, sharply chiseled pillar made of stone measuring 75centimeters in diameter and 3 meters in height and is located between Biate and Lungdar in the eastern part of Aizawl district. The legend has it that in ancient times this stone pillar was very tall and touching heaven and hence nothing should go in between to obstruct its reach. But, once a peacock squeezed into it and got crumbled into pieces and this incident lent further credence to the belief.

Aizawl capital of Mizoram


Aizawl is the capital city of Mizoram and it is a romantic and secluded hill station. Perched on an elevated ridge, this 1a century- old city looks like a citadel surrounded by typical Mizo hamlets and flower beds. There is a museum featuring costumes, artifacts and historical relics of the Mizos. No tourist should skip visiting Aizwal while on a sojourn of Mizoram – particularly those looking for solitude, fresh air and a calm retreat.

A beautiful Mizo song video

Other chief tourist attractions of Mizoram, India

An important tourist landmark is the Dampa Sanctuary located in the northwestern tip of Mizo Hills. The sanctuary houses swamp deer, tiger, leopard, elephant and hoolock gibbon and other rare species. Phawngpui is one of the major tourist attractions of Mizoram – particularly those fond of trekking and lovers of adventure sports. This is the highest peak in the state and is home to many fragrant herbs and rare species of orchids and rhododendrons.

An engraved image of Lord Buddha, with dancing girls on either side, has been excavated at a site near Mualcheng Village about 50 km from Lunglei town. The site that should be of immense interest to anthropologists also has another stone slab on which some human footmarks and a few implements like spearhead and Dao are engraved. Tadmil, situated 85kms away from the capital city of Aizawl is a tranquil lake. You can opt to pedal a boat through the placid waters or just spend quality time relaxing. The adjacent jungle has a plethora of flora and fauna.

The one site no tourist to Mizoram should ever miss is the gorgeous Vantawng Falls with the backdrop of the green hills. This is a picturesque waterfall and worth traveling miles to see. Mizoram is a charming hilly state that attracts a lot of tourist from all over the world who come here to be one with nature and spend some days in absolute peace and tranquility. The lovely and picturesque areas of Mizoram have been developed ideally to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of all holidaymakers - both domestic and foreign.


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