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Top Five Tiger Safari Destinations in India

Updated on July 24, 2017


Bengal Tiger in India
Bengal Tiger in India | Source

Protected Areas

In order to conservation the endangered tiger, India has notified many tiger landscapes as protected areas which have become prime conservation units. Tourism also takes place at these destinations for the benefit of wildlife lovers, photographers and holiday makers to enjoy sightings of this magnificent predator. Incidentally the conservation units have become savior of diverse wildlife and birds.


Tigress at Pench
Tigress at Pench | Source

Wild Dog

Dhole | Source

Black Naped Monarch

Flycatcher | Source

Tiger Safari

Wildlife tourism in India usually takes place in tiger reserves where other mammals are found as well. Birds are unique to various regions in India, and the reserves are the best places to see them.

Five most visited reserves in India are:

  • Ranthabhore
  • Kanha
  • Pench
  • Bandhavgarh
  • Tadoba

These are frequented by visitors from all over the World including India. The prime focus is the tiger which is one of the most charismatic animal on Earth. However the parks also harbor myriad of life forms like mammals, reptiles, avian, insects and exhibit amazing floral species.

Map of Ranthambhore

A markerRanthambhore Rajasthan India -
Ranthambore National Park, Prempura, Rajasthan 322001, India
get directions

Ranthambhore is a National Park and Tiger Reserve near Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan State of India.

Map of Kanha

A markerKanha Mandla MP India -
Kanha Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, India
get directions

Kanha a protected area with the status of National Park and Tiger Reserve. It is situated in Mandla & Balarghat Districts of Madhya Pradesh in Ind

Map of Pench

A markerPench Seoni MP India -
Pench National Park, Near Turia Gate, Post :- Turia, Seoni Dist, Kurai, Madhya Pradesh 480661, India
get directions

Pench is a National Park and Tiger Reserve in MP in India.

Map of Bandhavgarh

A markerBandhavgarh Tala Umaria MP India -
Bandhavgarh National Park, State Highway 10, Near Petrol Pump, Badhavgarh, District Umaria, Tala, Ma
get directions

Bandhavgarh is a National Park and Tiger Reserve in Umaria District of MP in India.

Map of Tadoba Tiger Reserve

A markerTadoba, Maharashtra India -
Tadoba Tiger Reserve, Tadoba Rd, Durgapur, Chandrapur, Maharashtra 442404, India
get directions

Tadoba Tiger Reserve is situated in Chandrapur District of Maharashtra in India. It is home to tigers, crocodiles and other mammals.

Tigress of Stroll at Kanha

Tiger Sighting at Pench


All the reserves mentioned here have also been notified as National Park earlier. The ratings are based on ease with which the tiger is sighted, biodiversity, tourism infrastructure and accessibility. In years of experience in this tourism sector my personal preference is as follows:

Kanha - Ideal tourism infrastructure. easy tiger sightings, excellent management and record in conservation and road network within. The park is untouched and pristine with striking landscape that takes every one by horns. Bird count and sightings are very good.

Bandhavgarh - A picturesque tiger landscape that is esoteric, enchanting and full of the wild beast. It has a sound tourism infrastructure, easy accessibility and best conservation practices. A visit to the park delivers a peek into archaeological evidence of ancient history that dates back to 2000 years. Birding is equally good.

Tadoba - Albeit ease of tiger sightings fluctuate every year this reserve has been exceptional since last two year. Birding is good so is the sighting of animals like leopard, sloth bear, crocodile and wild dog. Tourism infrastructure is in nascent stage but developing fast.

Ranthambhore - Excels in all departments but is most visited due to its proximity with New Delhi. Ranthambhore has abundance of luxury resorts and hotels. But this reserve is more commercialized, noisy filled with tourists. Anyway you will not be disappointed as far as tiger sightings are concerned.

Pench - Kipling wrote Jungle Book cased on the forests of Seoni Hills which now constitute Pench Tiger Reserve. This is a good place to chance upon the wolf. Tiger sightings are good besides sightings of deer and antelopes. Tourism infrastructure is sound and the reserve is easily accessible by tow hours drive from Nagpur Airport.

Fort at Bandhavgarh

Visiting the Reserves

Albeit where to see the tiger in its natural habitat is an individual choice. The choice could be based on many factors as described above. My ratings are based on my personal choice as well as feedback dating a number of years. But I am certain your visit to any of there parks will not be disappointing. Hence brace up for the best and a rollicking time in wild India.

I work as a naturalist and bird guide, That takes me around to many places for wildlife safaris in India. One of the park I like is Pench National Park and visit time and again. The amazing Kipling Country.

Mating Tigers at Pench

Mating Tiger
Mating Tiger | Source


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