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Top Places to Visit in Bangkok and Pataya

Updated on December 16, 2013

Alcazar Show

The famous Sleeping Buddha

Some Lovely Places

With all the great places that you visit a tour to Thailand is a must.

When you visit Thailand, 2 places immediately come to mind. Bangkok and Pataya. Yes, Phuket is also there, but that is a separate destination.

When you land in bangkok, either you have the tour operators or there are cabs at the Suvarnabhumi airport. Suvarna means gold and bhumi means land. You have just landed on the land of Gold. Its not wrong to say that as Thailand has temples laden with golden buddhas and most of the temple facades have got gold color linings. It surely makes the whole place a good feel factor.

Cabs in Bangkok would be maily green and yellow color, or full pink, orange and a few other colors as well.

The main attraction in both Bangkok and Pataya is ofcourse, massage parlors and the main street and most of the visitors go to these places just for that. But there is a lot more to it than just that.

The Safari Park

Bangkok Tourism!

Bangkok is a place which speaks of a travelers paradise. Along with Pataya you can come down to Bangkok and take a tour of this lively place. With Bangkok, one can not only enjoy the various tourist places, you can also enjoy shopping at the various malls there.

At Bangkok, few of the wonderful places to visit are:

1. The Kings palace where you find the Emerald Buddha

2. The Sleeping Buddha which is covered with gold leaves. This is a huge Buddha figure in a sleeping position and is surrounded with different Buddha temple on 3 sides.

3. The Golden Buddha - A fifteen feet high pure gold Buddha statue revered by the Thai people. This one is a must see.

4. Ripley's Believe it or not - This show is a wonderful mix of Ripleys Believe it or not museum, the maze, the horrow house, wax museum. All of them are enjoyable.

5. The open safari with tigers, giraffes, bears, ostrich, rhinos etc roaming around freely, this safari in a bus is a wonderful sight. Coupled with the safari is the Dolphin show, the Orangatun show, The Cowboy show, The Sea-lion show and lots of others which really thrill you during the whole day.

6. Bangkok Shopping - Shopping mall are The Indira Market - for cheap and good products, the night market, Fashion Mall - for all fashionable clothes and accessories, MBK , Pantik Plaza- for electronics and lots of others. The place is filled up to fill your hearts shopping desire.

All in all the whole experience is just wonderful and will make it a memorable visit.

Golden Buddha

Pataya Tourism!

Pataya is around 2 hours drive from bangkok and a lovely place. Pataya is a beach with crystal clear water. There are various resorts and hotels which you can choose from. Some of the good things that you can watch there are:

1. Coral Islands - This island has mainly water based gaming activities. You can go paragliding, scuba diving to see the corals, enjoy the banana boat ride, rush on the water scooty or just take a boat ride. Scuba diving is interesting for new divers and one can savor the wonderful ride below sea level.

2. Million year Stone Park and the Crocodile show - This place is a lovely place with ancient scenic rocks and a small zoo. The major attraction here is the crocodile show where the trainer puts his hand and head into a live crocodile's mouth and neck.

3. Alcazar Show - This show of the Lady Boys is a wonderful 1 hour showcase of color, beauty, countries and dance. The lady boys are gorgeous in their performance.

4. Pataya Elephant Village - Live elephant shows which make you remember old war times, old time labor with the help of the lovely elephants.

5. Pataya underwater world- This is also a lovely aquarium built as though it is under sea. With lovely fishes, sharks, star fish, jelly fishes in different color reflections all add to the wonderful artificial creation.

Other than all these, there is the Tiger Temple, Floating market, Mini siam, Ripleys Believe it or not, Pataya Cart Speedway and lots of other enjoyments which can keep you glued to this lovely place.

The Dolphin Show

Other factors worth considering

While local currency is acceptable, one can also get foreign exchange converted at various counters all over the town.

For tourists it provides all kinds of entertainment that they can think about. It is a single destination for multiple enjoyment.

Map of Bangkok & Thailand

Temple of Destiny

Few More Pointers!

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