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Top Ten Things To Do in Sanur Beach--Bali

Updated on March 26, 2014
Sanur Beach
Sanur Beach | Source

Denpasar, Bali

Bali is Indonesia’s top tourist destination with a lot to offer. From the beautiful cliff-top temples and historic palaces, to the sprawling splendour of the sculptured rice paddies, a trip to Bali will be one to treasure for a long time to come.

Denpasar, the capital of Bali, is a multi-cultural melting-pot of Indonesia that is growing very fast with many development cropping up everywhere.

Sanur is the best get away from the hustle and bustle of the Denpasar town centre that can be hot and steamy sometimes. The incessant traffic jams and pollution of Denpasar can take a toll on you and Sanur Beach provides the much needed relaxation.

Things to do in Sanur Beach, Bali

The three kilometre long Sanur beach is composed seven major areas which are Pantai Satu, Segara, Sindhu, Karang, Duyung, Cemara and Mertasari. There are many activities available for you on the beach such cultural, sports, entertainment, relaxation and family activities. The following are just a few of the things you can do while at the beach:

Other fun activities that you may engage in during you stay include:

  • Parasailing
  • Beach volleyball
  • Shopping
  • Swimming
  • Floating rafts
  • Swimming

Jet Skiing is allowed on Sanur Beach
Jet Skiing is allowed on Sanur Beach | Source
  • Snorkelling in Sanur is one of the most rewarding activities because of the bio-diversity and calm clear waters. There are several favourite spots for snorkeling in Bali which include the Blue Lagoon, Tulambeen & Ahmed and Menjangeen Island. Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembonga in Sanur are by far the best snorkeling locations because of their developed facilities.
  • Jet skiing is a fun water activity you can engage in during your stay. The skis are available in either the stand-up or sit down variety and are the best models available. The average rent fee is about $30 for up to one hour but the prices vary depending on the operator you are using.
  • Kitesurfing, or kiteboarding as it is also called, has gained popularity in Indonesia over the years and is now has a large community. Many kitesurfing shops have opened in the region and you will not miss a place to rent all the necessary equipment.
  • Windsurfing is another fun activity for your enjoyment. The winds are normally very good throughout the year but there is a small problem to contend with—the Bali kite festival. With gigantic kites all over the place, July is not a good month for windsurfing.

Bali Festival
Bali Festival | Source

Hotels in Sanur

Sanur offers a variety of accommodation to suit your tastes and cost preferences. There are the small and homely guesthouses which are fairly priced. Then there are the major hotels and resorts which give five star services that come at a premium price. The top ten hotels based on customer ratings are:

  • Gangsa Private Villa is a luxurious and comfy hotel that has a splendid view of the beach. It gets fully booked quite fast and it is always good to book early to avoid disappointment
  • Sanur Beach Hotel has spectacular views, fine restaurants and bars that make it the perfect place to stay on your holiday
  • Sadamalla Suites and Villas are relatively cheaper than other hotels because they normally do not charge booking fees.
  • Puri Santrian offers all the trappings of a holiday getaway and more. The facilities are quite well-maintained and in a pristine condition. Two beach-front swimming pools bordered by a dining area create a unique setting as the view of the ocean is spectacular.
  • Bali Hyatt is an affordable hotel with unique architectural design, beautiful garden and fantastic ocean view rooms. The staff are reputed to be friendly and very helpful to customers. The security is very tight given recent happenings but it is an inconvenience people have learnt to live with.
  • Segara Village Hotel is a four star accommodation with decent facilities that is located in central Sanur. It has a Japanese restaurant that is highly rated by visitors for its exquisite menu.

Bali Kite Festival
Bali Kite Festival | Source

Cheap flights to Denpasar, Bali

Most of the international carriers and a number of low-cost airlines fly into Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport. Airlines such as KLM, Singapore and Malaysian Airlines are some of the big players who fly into Bali Airport.

Depending on your location, there a several cheap flights that can get you to Denpasar conveniently and without much hustle. For example, a round trip from Adelaide, Australia to Denpasar on Virgin Australia will cost you around $701 for economy class.

  • Taksu Sanur Hotel is targeted at budget travellers and it has become quite a hit if the reviews are anything to go by. Only recently built, the hotel has large rooms that have modern facilities which make it a worthwhile bargain.
  • Segara Agung Hotel is a discount hotel that is also a few metres away from the famous Sanur beach. It caters for the bargain hunters who are never disappointed by the services and value for money
  • Sanur Paradise Plaza has gotten good reviews especially from family groups. The facilities such as rides are a hit with the children and it is highly recommended for families who are travelling with their kids.
  • Sali Sanur Resort is located in the Sanur village and is just a few meters away from the beach. The well-equipped rooms are in high demand because there are only 18 in number. It boasts of the Bonzai Café that is very popular with the revelers.

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Best Times to go to Sanur Beach, Bali

By far the best time to Sanur is during the annual Bali Kite Festival that is held in the month of July at the Padang Galak beach. This three day cultural event consists of village teams from Denpasar competing in teams of up to 80 people.

Since Bali is a multi-cultural most of the main religious and cultural holidays are observed throughout the year. Other Balinese festivals and holidays include:

  • New year’s day
  • Icaka New year
  • Easter
  • Bali Art Festival
  • Negara bull races


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