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Top sites in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Updated on September 19, 2013

The city's architecture resembles Paris, which is not surprising, since the whole central part was built up by French architect Eifel. Buenos Aires is a modern city with high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. Total construction of the city features colonial period, which is characterized by the main square with access to the sea and straightforward configuration of streets. The structure of the Greater Buenos Aires, includes 18 suburbs, the total area is ​​3646 square kilometers.

Recoleta is the most elegant and rich quarter of the city. During the epidemic of yellow fever in 1870s the wealthiest moved here from San Telmo. There is also a famous Recoleta Cemetery, where the prominent and famous Argentinean lay. The cemetery is not only a very expensive place to be buried but a real architectural masterpiece. And although people are usually scraed of such places, this one will surely impress with the delicate beauty and extravagant monuments that decorate Recoleta cemetery.

Buenos Aires citizens say: “it is cheaper to live luxuriously than be buried in the cemetery of Recoleta". Only representatives of the most influential names in Argentina have the right to be buried here.

Florida shopping street is the heart of Buenos Aires downtown. It is known as the best place for shopping centers in Buenos Aires. Today it is a pedestrian area with the best boutiques. Here you can visit great grill bars, bookstore of El Ateneo, listen to nice music and enjoy the city as it is.

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Буэнос-Айрес, Аргентина
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And of course La Boca quarter, which is the most unusual and colorful district of Buenos Aires and my personal favorite. It was built and inhabited by poor Italian and Spanish immigrants along a small canal. The pedestrian street Caminito, had once been a railway terminal named after a popular song in the rhythms of the tango. All the houses here are painted in colorful bright colors that were not at all a part of some special project. The poor inhabitants of the quarter could not paint a house in the noble colors and therefore used the remnants of cheap ship paints. Previously, it a was dirty and poor neighborhood. Today, it is one of the greatest and most visited places in the Argentinean capital. Tango street dancers, drinks and long night festivals are common things here.

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    • Vera Petryk profile image

      Vera Petryk 4 years ago

      Oh! thank you so much! I do love this city big time:)Locals are the best, but be carfeul cause there are some that like to take your wallet:)

    • kuttingxedge profile image

      S.P. Kelly 4 years ago from Just outside of international extradition agreements

      This city is amazing in every way and I look forward to the opportunity to visit the locales you highlight in this article. Great work, and the photos really make this hub sparkle.