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Top ten places where Orange County, CA locals like to hang out

Updated on June 6, 2010


Check it out - if you are in south Orange County, CA and want to go surfing, have we got the waves for you!

Surfing beaches

San Clemente / T Street

San Onofre State Beach


Working our way northward from the surfing hot spots, we enter the coastal community of Dana Point.

Dana Point Harbor offers a variety of family fun as well as educational opportunities. Be sure and check out these places and don't miss:

Captain Dave's Dolphin Safari

Orange County Marine Institute

Killer Dana Surf Shop

Moving inland approximately three miles, we enter beautiful San Juan Capistrano.

Yes, this is the famed town where the swallows return to every year. You won't want to miss these special places:

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Los Rios Historical District

San Juan Train Depot


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    • profile image

      Prop-mgmt-course 7 years ago

      Any suggestions on North or Central OC?

    • Carmen Borthwick profile image

      Carmen Borthwick 7 years ago from Maple Ridge, B.C.

      Hey Catlyn,

      I was researching google for an article on surfing in Capistrano and you were sixth from the top! Atta go girl!

    • profile image

      Ralphie Loser 7 years ago

      LOl people want to hang out at killer dana surf shop? that place sucks, so do their owners who owe everyone money

    • Catlyn profile image

      Catlyn 8 years ago from Somewhere in the OC

      Thanks for stopping by Tony! Next time you take the coaster, ride up to San Juan and spend some time wandering around! The mission is extraordinary!

    • tony0724 profile image

      tony0724 8 years ago from san diego calif

      Catlyn I love San Clemente ! Just beautiful there . Sometimes I take the coaster from downtown SD . And sometimes I drive up there on the 5 . Never been to the San Juan train depot . But I have one sister who lives In Costa Mesa and one who lives In Tustin . So I see some of the OC .

      You have motivated me to take another peek around that county , thx for an Interesting read !

    • quietnessandtrust profile image

      quietnessandtrust 8 years ago

      Yup, I use to go to all these places when I was a boy, I'd like to take my son back there too.

      FYI...this does not work unless you copy and paste it.

      San Juan Train Depot

      Good job here Cathy.


    • Catlyn profile image

      Catlyn 9 years ago from Somewhere in the OC

      LAS - You must be a hard-core surfer :-) Maybe you could publish a hub from your perspective? That would be helpful!

    • profile image

      LAS 9 years ago

      this does not work i mean this is so weird haha weirdo cats the best places to go are so not those

    • Catlyn profile image

      Catlyn 9 years ago from Somewhere in the OC

      Thanks for alerting me when they weren't working!

    • profile image

      Russ52 9 years ago

      The Links Work (Yeah Cat)