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7 Reasons to Visit Belize

Updated on September 30, 2011

There are many ways to enjoy this wonderfully diverse country in South America. Belize is a small country just south of Mexico’s YucatanPeninsula. Belize is bordered by Mexico and Guatemala and to the east by the Caribbean Sea. It is a friendly and English speaking country. Belize culture today is ethnically diverse and culturally rich and has many things to offer visitors from its diverse ecology to its historical pre-Columbian Maya sites. Belize is an adventure waiting to happen and there are some things you can do while visiting to get the most of your cultural experience in Belize.

1. To really immerse yourself in the Belize culture you need to experience some of its past and the best way to see and learn about its past is to visit historical locations. To begin you can visit archaeological sites such as the Xunantunich in the west of the country and south of this visit Caracol, found in the Caya district. These will give you a good start in your immersion of Belizean culture.

2. The second way to continue with your Belizean cultural immersion is to look around for and experience some of the many natural resources to be found there, from the tropical rainforests, the barrier reef, the beaches to its wildlife and the preserved natural world of Belize. Ecotourism here is popular as the principles are good news for locals as one of the main goals is that sustainable tourism is developed, supporting the locals as well as the land and the wildlife. You will come to appreciate the environment better here as you get to know it more, seeing how the people interact with different parts of their environment.

3. Continuing your immersion into the culture of Belize it must be remembered history and nature are only a start. Hungry no doubt by now the next stop on the agenda is for food. Restaurants and bars are abundant in Peru in the towns and some of the best food can be found in the town squares, where you will find Belize’s version of street vendors. In the evening grills are set up to cook tacos, hot dogs, burgers to order. You will find locals eating here alongside the tourists. This is an excellent way to taste the cuisine of Peru.

4. When planning a trip to Belize it is wise to decide what you want out of the trip and then look at the best season. It might be wise to avoid September through November as the hurricane season peaks. Travelling is most popular for exploring nature from December through February, the temperatures not too high. The Belizeans celebrate numerous festivals and these in turn add to the color and sounds of the culture. You will be immersed in how the Belizeans celebrate their holidays.

5. As with other South American countries the Belize community gathers in their town squares. In San Pedro you will find many small shops and street vendors, local artists and craftsmen all displaying their wares, their paintings, pottery, baskets, jewellery, t-shirts, wooden carvings, etc. All reflecting the heritage and culture of this small country. Here you can immerse yourself in the culture and traditions, the costumes, crafts and food of Belize, enjoying the smells and sights of all on offer of the local culture within Belize.

6. The next step for immersing yourself in the Belizean culture is to meet people, and to talk to them about their lives and how they live. The Belize people are informal and friendly, always willing to talk. From the local artisans you can learn about their family roots and their ancient traditions at first hand. From people you meet in cafes you can learn about their daily lives. It is a good way to relax and unwind while at the same time a good chance to mix in an unstressed atmosphere.

7. Another way to immerse yourself into the Belize culture is to volunteer through the many programs run by non-government organization which help with health and education of the indigenous people. UNESCO for example, runs programs to alleviate the isolation of communities and to use skills for sustainable employment within the areas of tourism and preservation of their heritage. A fantastic opportunity to become involved in and experience Belize as tourists rarely can.

Some or all of these steps are a good way to immerse yourself in the culture of Belize. You will see the world through their eyes and this will be an eye opening experience. However you choose to do it you will be a changed person, with an internal view of a world that is wonderful, yet not so innocent. Plan your travel itinerary and make the most of your time. Using these guidelines will help to make your trip unforgettable.


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  • promisem profile image

    Scott Bateman 6 years ago

    Adding to No. 2 on your list, I would strongly encourage people to go cave tubing at Sibun Caves Branch Archaeological Park. It's a great excursion and a total blast.

  • Kadmiels profile image

    Kadmiels 6 years ago from Florida

    he will have the best time i am sure of that :)