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Tour Guide in Sri Lanka

Updated on February 12, 2011

A must have if you want to explore the island in detail

A experienced tour guide can make your visit to Sri Lanka very enjoyable and very meaningful as well. Whether or not you want a tour guide depends on what you want to do in Sri Lanka. If you are looking to relax by the sea in a luxurious resort you want have much need of a tour guide. But if you are looking to explore this beautiful island and want to visit many historic and natural sites, then a tour guide will help you to cut down on your time, makes your visits more meaningful with additional information of these historic sites and in some instances lead to considerable savings as well. If you are visiting Sri Lanka it is advisable to contact a tour guide before coming here. That way you can plan your itinerary well in advance with the input from your tour guide.

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Finding a tour guide in Sri Lanka

Finding a tour guide in Sri Lanka from the Internet is next to impossible, Tourism websites doesn't offer these information and tour guides are not aware of the power of the Internet. If you have already booked your hotel then inquiring from the hotel is the best option. If its a reputed hotel you are more likely to find a experienced tour guide having a license issued by the tourist board. If you are planning your trip with the help of a travel agent then you can contact them directly to look for a tour guide. Another good option is to visit various travel websites and look for a tour guide who is already recommended by the other travelers to Sri Lanka.

A good tour guide can make your visit to Sri Lanka more meaningful
A good tour guide can make your visit to Sri Lanka more meaningful

Advantages of having a Tour Guide in Sri Lanka

Below are some of the advantages of having a tour guide to take you around Sri Lanka

  • Overcome Language Barrier - In a country like Sri Lanka where the native language is Sinhalese, having a tour guide will help you smooth out most situations.This is more important if you are not fluent in English as well. Although most reputed hotels have staff that speaks English, it is hard to find people who understand German, French, Russian etc.
  • Avoid Tourist Traps - You will find people who are trying to sell you various cheap items for very high costs, a good tour guide can help you get rid of those messy sales persons and if you are really interested in buying he can negotiate a fair price for you as well.
  • In Depth Details about Places Visited - Most tour guides have a good knowledge of important places in Sri Lanka and not only will they get you to those places but they will give you detailed information about those places as well. Tour guides who have taken the tourist board license are given training about these places, so if you found a licensed tour guide you are sure to get some great information about those places.


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