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Tourist-Destinations in Edinburgh

Updated on February 19, 2014

As a traveler there is nothing more exciting than the idea of visiting different places. People take vacations so as to help themselves experience a change in their surroundings. While some of us prefer a quiet surrounding away from the chaos of the city, there are others who love the adventures of a city life! Planning a holiday can be a difficult task because of the trade-off between a hyper city life and a calm relaxed trip. What if there is a place that can give you relaxation and adventure at the same time? For those of you who think no such place exists, try looking at Edinburgh as your holiday destination.

Cobbled streets of Edinburgh
Cobbled streets of Edinburgh

The cobbled streets of the old town and the beautiful Georgian avenues of new town offer tourists the perfect blend of an old and new town. Edinburgh is a place with a rich history and culture, all waiting to be uncovered as and when you decide on exploring this beautiful city. The streets are painted with wonderful architecture, old closes and wide avenues that will leave you with a feeling of going back in time.

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland; it grew around the surrounding Old Town until the late eighteenth century. This is the part of the city that is home to many iconic castles, built right from the top of Royal Mile to the lower lying area of Grassmarket, a place where formal public hangings took place.

There are a number of free things to do in Edinburgh. The following can be used as a guide to help you explore the cities many free attractions.

Fun Museums at Edinburgh

A visit to Edinburgh would remain incomplete if you do not visit at least one of the many museums. On display is a wide range of collectables such as eighteenth century Edinburgh artifacts, a million pounds in cash or the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The National Museum of Scotland and the Museum of Edinburgh are one of the best places to explore a vast collection of collectable items. Some of the other museums you can visit are The Writers Museum, Museum on the Mound and Queensferry Museum. Most of the museums have excellent cafes and offer guided tours and events.

The Free Parks and Gardens of Edinburgh

There is also the option to broaden your cultural knowledge by exploring the cities many parks, gardens and riverside walks. Edinburgh is today considered as a place with an abundance of green space. This space consists of outstanding gardens and parks laced with an inner-city path; running along these paths is the old train tracks. Gardens like the Princess Street gardens, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and The Water of Leith are some of the estate that can be viewed. A climb to the elevated Arthur's Seat offers you a dramatic view of the city below and a chance to view one of the most prominent land marks of Edinburgh city skyline.

A showcase of Scottish Architecture

The skyline of Edinburgh is punctuated with tall structures of churches and cathedrals. These are buildings with a great sense of history to them. These old structures are sure to leave you impressed with the splendor by which many of these historic churches are built. A short trip will enable you to witness and also admire the Scottish Parliament from inside; the unique designs of these buildings are a shining example of world renowned Scottish architecture. Some of the churches and cathedrals you may want to visit are St Giles Cathedrals, Greyfriar's Kirk and Canongate Kirk. Some of the churches and cathedrals may have cafes, exhibition and events.

The free things to do in Edinburgh are an important factor which makes Edinburgh a destination for everyone! Venturing outside the confines of the city will lead you to an experience of a life time. The beauty of the East Lothian's coast line has left several people mesmerized. A walk along the John Mauir Way could easily end up being the highlight of your vacation. The beaches offer you opportunities to kick a ball in the sand and watch over the horizon, as the sun sets over endless stretches of beach sand.

Edinburgh is a place blessed with the finest of weather conditions, a moderate climate which remains the same all year round. The added advantage of a sunny east coast of Scotland and an annual rainfall that is lesser then the rainfall witnessed in Rome, Italy makes it a destination that you can visit at anytime of the year.

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      Kerry43 5 years ago

      I love that you included the free parks and gardens. Those are places I always love to visit in new cities. You can learn so much about the country from its flora.

      Thanks :)