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Trains - Train Timetable

Updated on December 5, 2011

Traveling on Train

Are you thinking about taking a train ride maybe in Australia or one of the other famous train trips around the world ?

Maybe the Orient Express or a Canadian train tripI have loved travelling by train from as far back as I remember from our trips from Christchurch to Invercargill & back.

A fast train ride from London up North to York in England a while back.

Christchurch to Picton with the scenic views along the Kaikora coast and all the tunnels ! Auckland to Wellington with the baby !

Taree to Brisbane over night  to visit a daughter living there & a few months ago I enjoyed the trainride through the green NSW countyrside from Taree to Sydney with my youngest now 18 yr old daughter after we had gone across for my oldest daughters wedding.

I would LOVE to do the Canadian train trips if possible as I have heard they are amazing through the Rockies !

We do love driving ourselves so we can stop to explore wherever we want to however it would be nice to sit back & both of us relax & enjoy the view together on a train for a change !

Cool Train Ride in Alaska !

Trains  There are 4 passenger train services in Canada and Alaska -  The Rocky Mountaineer is a daylight train service, taking various routes between Vancouver and the Rockies.
Trains There are 4 passenger train services in Canada and Alaska - The Rocky Mountaineer is a daylight train service, taking various routes between Vancouver and the Rockies.

Autumn Train ride in Ontario

Canada by Train !

Great countryside to enjoy!
Great countryside to enjoy!

Train from Auckland -Wellington The Overlander!

The Overlander is a journey through the heart of the North Island, travelling between Auckland - New Zealand's largest city and home of the Sky Tower, to Wellington - New Zealand's arts and culture capital.

(We did this trip when our first baby was a few months old !

Not far out of Wellington she filled her cloth nappy and stunk the carriage out!

You could see the windows opening one by one . we had no wet ones so my husband was trying frantically to wet a flannel for me, however the 2 toilets either end were occupied & I was getting stressed out as we were getting closer to Wellington.

We finally got the job done ! When we arrived in Wellington the ferries were not running & we ended up having to get a small plane across to Picton , What a day that was !)

Anyway along the way we enjoyed seeing the  Central North Island ski towns of National Park and Ohakune, popular with young and old alike. You also see fantastic views of New Zealand farmland, the volcanic plateau, Mount Ruapehu, the world famous Raurimu Spiral, and stunning river gorges - all from their panoramic windows or open air viewing decks allowing you the best possible views.

Whistler Mountaineer !

We would LOVE to do this trip!
We would LOVE to do this trip!

Train Rides

Sit back-relax & enjoy the countryside !
Sit back-relax & enjoy the countryside !

Love the Tranzcoastal from Picton -Christchurch!

The TranzCoastal – Picton to Christchurch - Gateway to South Island adventure.

The TranzCoastal train journey travels between the delightful port of Picton and Christchurch, the South Island’s largest city. I did this one a few times , with my parents as well as later with my 2 daughters .We love the views as it is one of the world's most scenic train journeys, the TranzCoastal travels through 22 tunnels and crosses 175 bridges.

This journey is a scenic feast of New Zealand, with the Kaikoura mountain ranges on one side of your train and the rugged Pacific Ocean coastline on the other. Along the way you pass though the village of Kaikoura, where, if you're touring New Zealand, you can break your journey to take in the whale watching or dare to get closer and swim with the dolphins.

Sights you might see !

If there at the right time you might see a whale !
If there at the right time you might see a whale !

Train Travel Benefits

The train is by far the most efficient and easiest mode of transport for many people in most parts of the world.

It is Ideal for both short and long distances making it convenient for persons with medical conditions. You can have your meals and spend your night on a train which is by far cheaper than if you were to eat the same meals and have accommodation in a hotel.

The Scenic Rail Pass is an easy to use, great value pass allowing you to travel around New Zealand on the Tranz Scenic rail network at your own pace. The pass is designed for independent travellers who want to experience a rail vacation or get the best out of their holidays to New Zealand and experience the true beauty and benefits of train travel.

You can choose your own route, stop when you like, and travel as many times as you wish within the validity of this flexible pass - hop on and off the tourist trains where and when you wish.

Dining in Style

Alaskan Railroad Goldstar dining
Alaskan Railroad Goldstar dining

Train Tickets

 You can book your train tickets online and check out which are the cheapest train tickets to buy for your needs.

Here is some good advice on getting cheap train tickets in Europe . We went on a train in Paris which as fun! 



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    • Kim Lynn profile image

      Kim Lynn 6 years ago

      Frog and I took our three kids on the Overlander to Wellington. Unfortunately, it was during the evening and we couldn't see much through the windows. It was my first time on a train and I found it very relaxing, even with three kids! This was a pleasure to read.