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TraveLaplands new home

Updated on October 5, 2011
Jokkmokk Town Centre
Jokkmokk Town Centre | Source


Travelapland has now been taken over by two English people who have moved to Jokkmokk Kommun. They will be offering some great trips for people who want to explore Swedish Lapland and will help you all they can to make your trip one of the best in Lapland.

Travelapland can help you take a husky sled out to the Sarek Mountain region, drive a snowmobile in the forests in winter, fish all year round, hunt, enjoy nature, visit interesting museums, try new foods, run with reindeer at calf marking times and photography to your hearts content.

One of the major attractions to the area is the Northern Lights. It has been said that the next 10 years will provide some of the best northern light displays in many decades. With a bit of luck, your winter visit will provide you with a once in a lifetime display of the northern lights on your visit to Swedish Lapland.

If you are looking for information on how to move to Jokkmokk, then please follow the Emigrate2Jokkmokk link below.


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