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Travel Packing Guide That Saves Money

Updated on June 8, 2015

Travel Packing Checklist

Whether your traveling for just one day or heading out on the vacation of a lifetime there’s always something you’ve forgot to pack. Many of us are great at traveling but not so great at packing for these trips. In this article I’ll go over how and what to pack for those short and long vacations all while telling you what isn’t necessary to bring in your suitcase or carry on bag.

Packing for your next hotel stay.
Packing for your next hotel stay. | Source

Necessities Should Be Packed First

  1. Think about how you get dressed in the morning and start packing this way. Most people put their underwear on first, so grab all the underwear you’ll need for the length of stay you’ll have.
  2. Under shirts and bras are usually the next thing we put on. Count and place onto a bed or table where you’re laying your clothes out before they go into the bag or suitcase.
  3. Socks should be the next item of clothing to be packed. Make sure you have the right colors to match if it is a business trip or enough to make it through a vacation.
  4. Sleep wear is the one thing it seems like I always forget to bring. Many of us think about what we’ll wear during the day and then forget about what we’ll sleep in. Make sure you pack this first or you’ll be making a trip to the local store.

Remember You'll most likely be bringing more home that what you took with you.
Remember You'll most likely be bringing more home that what you took with you. | Source

Outer Wear is Next

Now that all the basics have been packed you’ll need to focus on the outfits you’ll need in your suitcase. Always bring one extra outfit in case of an accidental spill or tear. Remember that you can always go to the local mall or boutique shop to find extras but what we’re trying to do is save you time and money.

  1. Start with pants or shorts. Look at the local weather reports such as on or another such site and determine what will be needed based on the upcoming weather forecasts. Remember to always bring a light sweater or jacket if the weather is border line as it may change while you’re there.
  2. Shirts or blouses will need to be coordinated with your shorts or pants so lay them out on the bed before packing in the bag. Go through in your head the days and what you may be doing those days to determine what outfits best suit those needs.
  3. Belts should be the next thing you pack if you wear them. Having a suit to wear to dinner without a belt won’t look right. If you’re on a cruise or a resort area it will be pretty costly to purchase one.
  4. If this is going to be a business trip, make sure you pack your ties or scarves to match the outfits you’re bringing.
  5. It’s now time to choose the shoes you’ll be wearing. Make sure to bring shoes that will be in line with the activities you’ll be doing on your trip. Shoes are heavy so trying to only bring a couple pairs that are multi functional is usually the best way to go without having to pay the high over weight fees when checking in.

Don't pay the high prices for single use or small sundries in the hotel.
Don't pay the high prices for single use or small sundries in the hotel. | Source

Most Common Items That Are Forgot.

Now that we know you’ll be fully dressed when you get there, you’ll want to make sure you’re properly groomed when you leave the room. How many times have you had to run to the store or buy the expensive toothpaste or comb from the hotel lobby? I know I’ve spent hundreds on things like this over the years.

  1. Shampoo – If you like using the hotel shampoo then this is not necessary. If not you can place a larger bottle in your check in bag. I recommend putting all your liquid toiletries in a gallon Ziploc bag and sealing it before it goes into your bag with your clothing. This will eliminate nasty spills from the pressure of high altitude flying making the bottles leak out.
  2. Toothpaste is the one that gets most people. We all put our toothbrush in the bag but tend to forget the toothpaste that it’s used with. If you’re a mouthwash person you won’t want to forget that either.
  3. Comb or brush along with your gel, mousse or any other of the thousands of hair additives used for styling is important.
  4. Most hotels have blow dryers in the rooms, however if you check with the hotel or you’re going to a place you know doesn’t supply them, you shouldn’t forget this item. If you use curling irons or straighteners most hotels don’t have these so it will be necessary to bring your own.
  5. Medications are very important. If you are on prescription meds or over the counter, this is probably the most critical. Not all destinations have the same medicines you like specially when travelling abroad. I like to bring plenty of Ibuprofen, aspirin and Tylenol just incase. It also saves you a lot of money because most hotels and resorts only sell them in the single use packs which cost much more.
  6. For the ladies makeup is something you’ll most likely be putting in your bag last. Make sure when you put your makeup on in the morning you leave, place it back in the case you’ll be travelling with and place it in your bag right away. Makeup is very expensive and you don’t want to be replacing it on vacation.
  7. Accessories such as hair clips, bands, jewelry, watches or any other accessory item you can think of should go in the bag or on you at this time.

With today’s prices for a vacation, it’s imperative that you not forget these basic things to keep costs down on your next trip. If you can do it in this order and think about the order in which you get ready in the morning on a daily basis, then you’ll have a hard time forgetting something important on your next trip. If you would like to print this out for reference it will help in the process, but after a while you’ll be able to do this in your head. Remember it’s not a disaster if you forget something; it will just cost a bit more at your destination if you do. I know I’ve saved hundreds just by packing this way and it makes my trips much more enjoyable.


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    • cyoung35 profile image

      Chad Young 4 years ago from Corona, CA

      Thank you Kori, Don't fort the power adapter and converter if needed. Radio Shack has them for very inexpensive as compared to buying one out there.

    • Kori Cox profile image

      Kori Cox 4 years ago

      Great post, I will use these tips the next time I travel to Europe!

    • cyoung35 profile image

      Chad Young 4 years ago from Corona, CA

      Thank you MsDora, I just hope it can save some headache and money for some of us travellers.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Very well done. Voted Up and Useful. Reads like a reference guide to keep in the pocket of your luggage.