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Travel Tips- Points to be taken care while travelling for a vacation

Updated on June 21, 2012
Travel Tips
Travel Tips | Source

Tips for Travelling

Travelling to long distances is yet another challenge as on one hand you can enjoy the trip and get recharged with fresh energy and vigour to join back your workplace and on the other hand the trip can give you some bitter experiences as well depending on how you have planned it. It is highly recommended to plan certain things like travel route, places to stay, and places to eat etc before making it actually, to experience a smooth and pleasurable trip. I intend to plan complete holidays with detailed focus on even small things to make sure this instead of just few things like hotels and Restaurants. Following are certain points one must take care before going out for a vacation to avoid spoiling his holidays and ensuring a perfect trip planned once in a while:-

Plan Your Travel Guide Route well in advance:-

Travel route should be planned well in advance to cover as many desired places as possible in shortest possible time. One should keep in mind that while going out on vacation to multiple locations, our 60% of the precious time is consumed in traveling on the way. By planning the route we are actually ensuring two things – Firstly we are covering more number of destinations in shortest possible time without missing out anything. Secondly we can further plan out holidays in such a way that most of our traveling takes place at night time to avoid wasting our number of days.

Preplanning of Hotel Booking

Another thing which should be kept on top priority while going out on vacation is planning of Hotel. When we try to book a hotel after reaching a holiday destination, we come across multiple problems like higher rates, unavailability of rooms due to over booking in peak season. Ultimately we may land up in booking hotel far away from main town or tourist spot, with very poor services and may have to compromise on other things like unavailability of parking space.

Negotiate Early

Time if the essence of any negotiation, whether it is a business deal or you vacation planning. The more time you are having in your hand the better deal you can strike. Whether it is booking of a hotel room, or negotiating with an agent who plans on your behalf. Eleventh hour deals always land up as expensive and sometimes even dissatisfying, where you may land up in compromising on some of you most desired holiday experiences

Do Some Research on Your Travel Destinations

How many times it happen that you come back from a holiday trip, and when you very excitedly brief about your experiences to your friends, you find out that you have missed some of the most exciting destinations- as either you were not aware of them or your trip advisor simply do not take you to those locations. It is hence advisable to do a small research of all the tourist locations before you actually go there. In fact carrying printouts of destinations along with is a wise decision.

Do not Forget to carry Medicines

No other thing can spoil your holidays more than an illness during travel. Smart way to deal with is to be prepared for it. Specially when you are traveling along with kids, make sure to carry first aid and medicines for common illness like travel sickness, vomiting, motion, fever etc as a precautionary measure.

Service Your Vehicle

It is good to service your vehicle before you go for a trip by road, but it is even better to test your vehicle by traveling at least 30-50 Kms just after your service before taking it actually on a long drive. Writing it with experience that some or the other problem is bound to come immediately after a service is done to your vehicle, which is diagnosed after you travel some kilometers.

Secure your Home

The most important thing to ensure before you go out away from your home is to secure your home. Tell neighbors about it, activate your alarm systems, security cameras. There are numbers of security gadgets available in market which you can install on your own and which will make sure to provide you the desired security your home deserves.


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