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Travel: Southern Thailand

Updated on May 13, 2012

Southern Thailand has some of the most amazing shorelines in the world. Reviews have pointed to Thailand as having some of the most pristine beaches in the entire world but I will let you decide. Most tourists that come into Thailand stay at some of the popular tourist attractions that are available. Some of the most popular locations in Thailand are Phuket, which is Thailand’s largest island. Phuket has become a major tourist trap with nothing but dollar signs everywhere and it has lost its old world charm. But it has not stopped the hordes of tourist from hitting the beaches in this are for more fun in the sun every year.

The very island is attracting all types of people back into Thailand and it has interested many major companies as well. Thailand has been featured in major Hollywood productions. The first major movie filmed on the Island of Ko Tapu which is ironically now known as James Bond Island. It was featured in the file the “Man with The golden Gun”. The next major Hollywood actor do descend into this area of Thailand is di caprio he filmed the major Hollywood hit the beach near the Phi Phi islands in 2000. This seemed to reaffirm the world’s resistance to the ultimate Thailand beach party.

Even though places in southern Thailand come off as very overcrowded and busy. There are a number of different locations that are still pristine and untouched. The ever elusive secluded hideaway here is becoming a thing of the past so if you are looking to get away to Thailand for rest and relaxation better do it soon. Here are a number of different suggestions that might help you enjoy yourself a little more and avoid the huge crowds.

Ko rok is in a region of island twins and is has an amazing ability to keep its beauty with natural coral reefs and is known for great diving and snorkeling. The beaches in this area are sheet white and are very quiet. Not many tourists know about this area of southern Thailand. It is a great place to bring the family and camp out under the stars in another country. You can find all the supplies you need right there on the island and you can relax and enjoy the serenity of the location. Watch as the golden sun rises and sets on the beach across the reefs. It is quite magical

Another great location to visit in southern Thailand is the Ko Tarutao it is actually a sanction national marine Park. Originally the government was going to use this area as a prison but decided at the last minute to move it elsewhere. It was also part of a survivor episode. Most of the tourist that come by this way opt to go to the city of ko Lipe for some excitement But the national park operates a number of bungalows and camp grounds for those who want to really relax.

No matter where you end up in the Sothern part of Thailand weather it’s in the excitement of the city or in one of the magical locations near the beaches. It is a perfect place for a family gateway or a couples honeymoon and you will be glad you did.


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