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Travel To Newport Rhode Island

Updated on January 5, 2012

Wonderful Seaside Island City

If your planning a trip to the New England region of the USA then Newport Rhode Island will be a must visit spot for you. Known for its mansions, Newport also boasts an excellent variety of shopping, fine dining and wonderful public beaches.

Once you get settled you may find a trip over to Thames Street enjoyable. Loaded with stores, art galleries, coffee shops and restaurants Thames Street is an enjoyable walk. As you stroll up and down the street, you’ll be impressed by the views of the nearby water and boats. Extremely modern to today, this general part to Newport still has that old New England feel to it.

Many visitors come to tour the world famous Newport mansions. My personal favorite has always been the Breakers. Open your round to tour, it was built by the Vanderbilt family in the 1890's. The Newport County Preservation Society now owns the Breakers. Most impressive is Astor’s Beechwood Mansion as well as Belcourt Castle. During the summer season there is usually at least 12 of the fabulous mansions to tour. What was is you favorite ?

Hope you have your walking shoes on, as you’ll have to take the 3-1/2 mile Cliff Walk. Snuggled up to the at times rocky coast, on this walk you’ll enjoy water, waves and I consider it as good of a walk as the Marginal Way in Ogunquit Maine.

On my last trip to Newport we did our own 10 mile car tour on Ocean Drive. As the road wanders with ocean inlets on one side and wonderful homes on another you quickly get that relaxed feeling. There are a few spots along the way for you to pull the car over, take some photos or sunbathe or go fishing. You’ll then see the entrance for Fort Adams State Park, and here you can fish or picnic or just hang around the beach. This is of course the sight of the Newport Jazz Festival. A wonderful place to stop and visit.

On my most recent visit, we stayed in Middletown Rhode Island, just about 2 miles from downtown Newport. It was then easy to go to any of the sights or restaurants from there. I’d suggest in the summer months you take a cab-its just easier than driving and having to park. My opinion-if you haven’t been to Newport then go discover it, if you’ve been there before then go RE-discover it & ENJOY !!


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