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Travel To The Natural Bridge

Updated on October 13, 2012
Author At Natural Bridge 2004.
Author At Natural Bridge 2004.

Siteseeing In Aruba

When your in Aruba and planning your siteseeing journey you may want to consider visiting the remnants of the Natural Bridge.

For years this was Aruba's most popular attraction. However on September 2nd 2005 the bridge collapsed due to natural causes / forces - very early during that morning. The bridge was a formation of coral limestone cut out by thousands of years of pounding surf, and was considered one of the largest of these types of spans in the world. It’s span was some 23 feet above sea level and spans more than 100 feet.
There is no admission fee or set hours for visiting...but you'll find a few refreshment stands nearby open, and nearby is a miniature version, now called Baby Bridge. You can get here on one of the tours or by rental car. The drive to this part of the island is interesting just for the scenery, often you’ll see the ocean pounding the rocks, no doubt making many more natural bridges for future generations to marvel at !

Peaceful Video I Made In Aruba


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