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Travel securely with your carry-on, change a life this month with Eagle Creek luggage

Updated on March 10, 2016

This month, your Eagle Creek purchase can help people struggling with water

Now through March 31, 2016, purchase any bag in the category “Luggage & Packs” on, which includes any piece of wheeled luggage, travel pack, or duffel, Eagle Creek will donate funds to packH2O and packH2O will donate a packH2O water backpack to a family in need.

In honor of World Water Day -- March 22 -- Eagle Creek is helping people who are forced to venture miles every day for safe drinking water. According to the company, UNICEF estimates that women and children in developing nations spend 200 million hours collecting water daily. People in these communities typically carry water from source to home in discarded jerry cans and buckets that were originally used to contain lubricants, agrichemicals or fuel oils. However, the packH2O water backpack is innovative, because it allows for solar disinfection.

Eagle Creek Load Warrior True Fit Wheeled Duffels

It happens to practically every air traveler with a carry-on: the anxious glancing back and forth to the airline's standard allowance demo and your own piece of luggage. One never seems to match the other, does it? It's not really your fault, though! In the words of Eagle Creek president Roger Spatz, “Carry on size has always been a little bit of a moving target,". Just when you think you have it figured out, you don't! The sizes for domestic and international flight allowances differ. Even the class of fare you've paid for, as well as the credit card you use, affects things! Fortunately, Eagle Creek has instituted "TrueFit" sizes; they've been checked with most major domestic carriers, including United, Delta and American. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Now, they do point out, it's still possible to overpack/stuff the luggage to the point where it doesn't comply with carry-on requirements. That's my side-eye notice to you.

They recently overhauled the design to make the luggage more efficient and lighter (that's another topic for another day!). You want your allowance to be about your souvenirs and clothes, not things you can't control. Both the domestic and international versions are well under 5 lbs. If you've traveled extensively around Europe, as I have, you know that train porters, bellhops, sometimes even kind strangers to help you lift your bags, can be non-existent. You have to do the carrying yourself!

I think the Tan/Olive combination is particularly worldly. It's got a clean, unisex look, with the slightest hint at camouflage. Maybe the handlers will take it for official government luggage! It will mask wear and tear for a long time.

It has super durable materials: Exo-Skeleton seamless composite fabrication tp strategically strengthen wear points. There's reinforced hypalon material blocking and bumper, as well as water-repellent Geo Ripstop and ballistic fabrics.

The zippers are strong, lockable and easy to grab.

Compression straps and organizational pockets help keep all your things tidy.

5 stars for Eagle Creek Load Warrior True Fit Wheeled Duffels


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