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See the Beauty of Venice, Travel with the Orient Express

Updated on February 22, 2017
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Travel, food, and nature are some of the most interesting means to learn and be inspired. JM tries to experience the beauty of these ways.

Traveling is a wonderful experience that gives you unique lifetime memories. There are a lot of places to explore all over the world. Sometimes it is difficult to choose where to begin your journey. Many travelers think that if there are international destinations, it is best to take the plane. However, these days there is a different appeal when it comes to train travel. If there is an ideal start to this wonderful expedition, it is with the legendary

If you come across various international attractions and you wish to start your train adventure, come and fall in love with Italy's great outdoors. Witness the breathtaking sights right from your own clear, wide windows. This is only the start of your unforgettable ride so better experience it with the legendary Orient Express.

History of the Orient Express

When people hear the name of the Orient Express, the image of luxury and the golden age of travel for more than a century comes to mind. The very famous long distance passenger train started its travels in 1883 under the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits.

The Wagons-Lits showcased both luxury and comfort in the days when traveling was still difficult and rough. Their effort to have on-train catering and sleeping car services gave way to the most remembered networks of luxury trains. With the Orient Express as one of those, the city of Paris and Istanbul became two well-known places because they were the original endpoints of the service. However, the routes and rolling stocks changed through the years. Some of their services and trains had variants in their timetable and travel destinations.

It is true that the original express had been popular during its heydays, but it ended its railroad journey in December 2009. There could be a possible confusion when it comes to the older Orient and its successor Venice Simplon Orient Express (VSOE). Nowadays, people are mostly talking about the VSOE whenever they think of having a trip on the Orient.

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Venice Simplon Orient Express
Venice Simplon Orient Express | Source
The newer Orient Express
The newer Orient Express | Source

Train through Venice

After the final trip of the famous railroad express, there came its different successors. Many tried and promised the same stylish and comfortable services of its successor, but people would not experience it the same again. Still, there are a lot of great opportunities ahead for traveling. If you wish to go to Venice, for instance, there is a chance to take the Venice Simplon Orient Express.

In this ride, people are welcomed by beautifully restored vintage coaches which were mainly from the 1920s, 30s, and 50s. The new company with its high quality of elegance and even culinary excellence offers the five-star luxury label train experience. Aside from those, passengers are given the vintage vibe, mystery, and appreciation of the past. Any traveler would get a glimpse of the past even just with the carriages. This romantic image of the railroad adventure is appropriately shown with its route along London, Paris, Innsbruck, Verona and Venice.

The route has an astonishing potential of seeing all the incredible sites of the major cities up to the majestic Italian city. The London to Venice trip runs for 24 hours and cost around £2,050 per person one way and meals are already included.

The VSOE stands true to its five-star label because of all those features.The VSOE also has a 190 passenger capacity, however, during some special trips, the train’s capacity are reduced to around 100 guests only.

The elegant interiors
The elegant interiors | Source
A space for the beautiful scenery
A space for the beautiful scenery | Source

Vintage VSOE and Venice

As the train exudes with its vintage carriages, the interior even shows an equally incredible site. However, people might feel worried at first because of the idea of staying in old trains with no air conditioning, with carriages coal-heated, and having toilets all the way down the hall but with no showers. Seemingly unbelievable, but the orient express train would blow those thoughts away once people go on board.

This train which is run by Belmond Ltd. makes you appreciate the vintage features of the train and even forget about its lack of modern amenities. They compensate the experience with the great level of service plus a gastronomic treat with food and wine. Even the whole interior design, from the roof to the ceiling and the wall, all of those would take any person’s breath away. The train’s charm really makes any traveler feel the art, elegance, beauty, and romance through the trip.

The romantic ambiance also adds to the memories that anyone would have when they plan to go to Venice. This city is like entering a whole different world. Traveling there with a unique ride would definitely lead to a grander view of this famous place.

A Possible Itinerary

Knowing the different features that the famous orient express train has to offer, anyone could start their romantic journey. In London Victoria, people board the British Pullman and would already have that surprising look at the sophisticated interior. Then the passengers would be welcomed with the beautiful combination of the Kentish countryside and that of the English Channel, and later be easily transferred to the waiting Venice Simplon Orient Express in France. The passengers would later have that gracious sample of a four-course dinner, as well as the convenience of having their cabin transformed into a bedroom.

Once the night passes by, guests are greeted by the breath-taking Swiss Alps as they receive their breakfast in their respective cabins. As the journey continues through Innsbruck, the day would later be moved to getting a three-course lunch served in beautiful restaurant cars. Closing in to the day, passengers would see the Italian Dolomites as they enjoy their afternoon tea through the Brenner Pass. Then the train finally crosses the Venetian Lagoon and pulls into the Santa Lucia station. This is the memory of a great London-Venice train ride.

This is one of the best memories that enchanted many passengers throughout the years. These reasons would surely make that final decision of having a rail holiday part of any traveler’s itinerary.

Coming from Venice

No matter which way someone chooses to ride the orient express, both are great. But others might contest that southbound has a better overall experience, and northbound journeys are not that popular. Most of the time, passengers come from London and travels all the way to Venice. This gives a more exhilarating view of the Italian city.

Although, being a not so popular choice, the northbound trip has better availability and at times better rates. But once passengers return, they usually take a different route or even just take the Eurostar.


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