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The Top 5 Things People Forget to Pack When Traveling.

Updated on June 2, 2014

Planning a world-wide trip?

Imagine the scenario: You're in your hotel room, the contents of your suitcase are spread around the room, your spouse is standing at the hotel door ready to leave, your kids are now whining because they are hungry and you have finally come to the conclusion that the broken pair of glasses you hold in your hand are the only pair you brought.

I'm sure this has happened to you before. Maybe not this exact situation, but something similar. Rooting through your bag, thinking the one thing you're looking for has to be at the bottom, or in that last corner, and coming up empty handed. Everyone who's ever traveled has experienced this before in one way or another. Below we've listed 5 of the most commonly forgotten items in hopes that it will help you remember for the next time you pack for a trip.

1. First Aid Kit. The travel-sized package contains bandages (great for blistered feet after long hikes), scissors (you never know when something needs to be cut), random sized gauze (for those more crucial medial situations), and a number of other items that can be useful.

2. Dress Shoes. If you're at a resort, or just for a night on the town, remember that some restaurants have dress codes, and sandals or hiking shoes may not be on them.

3. Electrical Adapters. Many of our things now need a charge, whether you've got a smartphone, iPad or hairdryer. Research ahead and find out what type of plugs the country/hotel/resort has. Forums are very helpful for this if the resort's website doesn't say.

4. An Extra Pair of Glasses. As seen above, you don't want to be left with fuzzy vision if you just happen to break your glasses (or sunglasses). The same goes for contact lenses. My suggestion is to keep a spare pair of glasses or lenses in a different bag then your primary pair. That way you don't lose your vision if one bag gets lost.

5. "Family Planning" Items. If you're heading away with your love, be sure to pack protection, or make sure they do. Nothing spoils the mood more than a good rummage through a suitcase, and most resort-type places that could have places to purchase these items will have them for a pretty high price, knowing that desperation calls for paying anything.

Overall, the best way to not experience the pain of realizing you missed something while packing is to not only make a list, but make a "Checklist" where you have to actually check off items as they are placed in the bag. And of course, just know that, in most cases, you can always buy almost anything that you forget.

Safe travels!


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Guarantee Packing

So how do you make sure you have all the items you should when traveling? Planning is essential, and here are 3 ways to make sure you have everything your trips needs:

1. Make a list! There are a number of online resources for packing lists, and while not every item is needed, they do provide a reminder for the basics.

2. Search for forums for your destination online and see what other people are saying. Many people will talk about their experiences while vacationing, especially those who go to the same place more than once. These forums will be a more honest view of a place, compared to sites that are made to attract you.

3. Pre-pack! Pack your bags a week before you leave, Then if you see something over the next few days that you thought was in the bag, make sure it gets packed! This will also let you see how much room you have or don't have in your bag.

4. Make your own reminders. Have you been on a trip and realized that you forgot that one thing and it seems to happen every time? With great technologies like Evernote, start a packing reminder list while you're on the vacation where you forgot something! Then make sure you check that list next time you're packing and you may remind yourself what you would have forgotten!!


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    • sarahshuihan profile image

      Sarah 5 years ago from USA

      Great article. There is a reason why all the items you mentioned above are widely available for sale at airports and travel spots!