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Travel tips and things to do during long flights

Updated on August 26, 2012
Need ideas during long flights?
Need ideas during long flights?

How to survive a long flight?

A lot of people are seemingly confused on what to do during long haul flights. They may ask such questions like what will I do for the duration of the 18 hour flight? Can I do these – can I do that? etc… This post contains five great things to do during a long haul flight.

Actually, there are a lot of things to do during a long flight. Some even take this as an opportunity to do the things that they like but unable to due to a number of reasons – time, work, busy, etc…

Surviving a long plane flight is quite easy if one is properly prepared. Some people are just overly excited that they tend to miss a few good ideas of what to do.

Philippines to US is more or less 18 hours

Before moving on, please be advised that this post is about (or rather), what to do during long flights when seated at an airline’s economy class. Needless to say, this post wouldn’t do much good for people that travel in first class or business class as comfort and a relaxing flight experience is one of the top priorities of first class / business class seats of most airlines. People in these seats can request for things to make their flight enjoyable and comfortable. Of course this is a given since the price of first class seats are way higher compared to economy seats.

Don’t fret, one can survive, endure, and even enjoy a very long flight when seated at economy class. I am from the Philippines and when going to the US, I always enjoy those long 18 hours flight travel. How to enjoy long travel flights? How do I do it? Read on

Note: have just written some great tips and advice on how to acquire a US Visa here in the Philippines (Best tips and advice for a Non-Immigrant Visa Application and Interview). After reading that one and acquiring a US Visa, this hub is a good follow through to that one.

Sleeping during the long flight –

As mentioned, traveling to the US from the Philippines is a long 18 hour flight. This is a good opportunity to sleep and relax during the duration of the flight.

Some people find it difficult to sleep during flight travel – don’t worry, this is common. To overcome this, don’t sleep too much the night before the flight.

Sounds funny? Not really. I prepare my things weeks ago but packed them the night before the actual flight. Of course it would help to prepare a check list of the things that you would be bringing. In this way, you can simply cross them out when you successfully stowed them on the luggage. Remember, you will actually look forward for the long flight if you are deprived of sleeping.

Bring and put electronics and gadgets to one hand carry bag –

For those who think the first travel tip will not apply to them, then it is important to look for things that will occupy you during the long trip.

If you have portable gadgets, ensure that those are fully charged and stuffed with music or videos and collated in one luggage. This would help in access and mobility. Movie and music marathons are a good company during long flights. Of course the battery of these gadgets will not last for the whole 18 hour trip so it would be advisable to bring along more than one gadget.

In my case, I bring along my PSP, iPod nano, laptop, and put as much videos and music on my mobile phone. I usually bring two mobile phones – one for entertainment and one for communication purposes in case the battery of one will be fully drained.

Make sure also to remember not to turn-on any electronic gadgets during taxing or take off as it might interfere with the plane’s communications.

Long Flight Gadgets

Nowadays, portable gadgets have come a long way – batteries lasts longer, most are multi functional, more portable, etc…

When bringing gadgets, it would be wiser to go for those that would also be useful after the flight, those that you can use on the destination. A smart phone and tablet are good example of these.

Select an aisle seat –

For the benefit of those who are not aware or for first time travelers, aisle seats are seats along the walkway. There are three types of seats: the windows seats, middle seats, and the aisle seats.

Some prefer the window seat to enjoy the view. However, long flights are normally intercontinental or transoceanic flights meaning most of the view during the flight are covered by the clouds or just the vast ocean. Window seats and middle seats are also safe from possible bumps from people walking at the aisle.

Travel tip: Some might prefer the window or middle seat, but for long flights, the best seats are seemingly the aisle seats. This is because during long flights, it is common to stand up and do some stretching or to frequently go to the bathroom. If you are on an aisle seat, then you are free to do these things. Of course, if the person on the window or middle seat would want to stand up, have the courtesy of giving way.

Travel tip 2: I have not heard nor even know of anyone who would prefer the middle seat. Not only do you have limited view but also limited access when standing up.

Put on your most comfortable clothes or shoes –

For obvious reasons, for long haul flights, it would be best to wear clothing and shoes that you are comfortable with. It is also recommendable to check the weather conditions of your destination beforehand – bring the appropriate clothes in the hand carry luggage for easy access.

Additionally, most airlines allow one hand carry bag and one personal bag. For long haul flights, it would be better to bring a hand carry luggage with the most pockets and a relatively large personal bag – this is so that you can put more items in an organize manner.

Of course, please note that hand carry and personal bag dimensions.

Bring ballpen, basic toiletries, chewing gum, and tape –

Last travel tip, during long flights it is advisable to bring some miscellaneous handy items. You’ll never know when you’ll need them. For example, chewing gum can help ease the changes of air pressure. Airlines normally have liquid security restrictions so be sure to check out what is the allowed weight that liquid can be brought in as a hand carry item.

That’s basically it. Don’t let the long duration flight hamper an enjoyable trip.

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      Einol 2 years ago

      Thanks for these tips... Yep, bringing a gadget can help prevent boredom during a long flight. :)