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Morocco..... Nation of Hospitality and Generosity

Updated on September 12, 2017

Where is Morocco?

Have you ever been in Morocco? Through this article you will travel to Morocco without any means of transportation discovering the hospitality and generosity of Moroccans.

Morocco is a country located in Northwest Africa, right on the edge of the African continent. In fact, Spain is only 14 Km away from the Moroccan border. Morocco shares land borders with three countries: Spain, Algeria and Mauritania.

Moroccan hospitality is legendary, and if you travel alone, you will probably be invited to a Moroccan family.

  • Accept the Invitation

It is an honor to receive you, however, by refusing, you can hurt the person who invited you. It's up to you to find a very good reason. But do not refuse, it would be a shame to miss this opportunity.

The invitation can come very quickly through a conversation from a guide, taxi driver or merchant. Do not be afraid, it is often sincere. At worst, you will be stuck for a few hours at someone who will solicit you as a kind of hospitality. Of course, there are some hot spots like Casablanca or Tangier (cities). In other words, let your intelligence speak ... There are good and bad people everywhere. The majority of the population is hospitable.

  • Welcome to the Moroccan Hospitality/Drinking Tea

When you enter a shop where the shopkeeper drinks tea, or, when you meet people eating on visiting them in their homes, you will be invited to share. Do not refuse, take some. For Moroccans, it is God who put this food on your way. By refusing it, you place yourself higher than God. But it is perfectly possible to soak only the lips if you do not want more.

Are you invited to a house? As everywhere, when you arrive, you will be introduced to the big Moroccan living room, made of sofas that run along the wall, and small tables that are moved around the room. Feel at home when you walk on the carpet! Perhaps women will be invited to join the women of the house who often eat in a different room. But as a European, you do not have to stay with them, and you can join the men's lounge. On the other hand, unless your host expressly suggests it, it would be unwelcome for the men to follow you.

You will immediately be offered a cup of tea, several cups of tea, with peanuts or dried fruits. Beware, the meal is going to be copious!

Time for eating. Washing is very important – clean your hands before every meal either in a sink or more pleasant, in a container placed in front of you while you sprinkle your hands with warm water. The same utensils will return at the end of the meal to wash your hands and mouth if you wish. Eating with one's hands is very often done from a common dish. Couscous as an example is eaten by hand.

  • Thanks to God

The meal will be fairly plentiful and your hosts will encourage you to enjoy it as much as possible. It begins with an invocation of the grace of God, "Bismillah" When you are completely satisfied, you can say with a big smile "safi" or "baraka" which means "it's ok, enough", without forgetting to add "Hamdullilah" (thanks to God).

Mint Tea
Mint Tea


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