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Travel without breaking your bank!

Updated on October 11, 2012

B&B on a Budget

I have a secret..shhh, listen closely and don't miss a word. If you are Forty or Fifty-plus there is a great way to travel all over the United States for less than you could ever imagine. Some clubs are also international.

There are various organizations that function as a Bed & Breakfast travel club:

  • Wayside is a Christian group, you have to be affiliated with a church to join:Wayside Travel Club is a Christian club for those 50 and older. We ask our members to agree to our statement of faith, and we also require a church leader’s reference in the application. All Wayside members will be screened prior to entry into the directory.
  • Evergreen : is open to anyone who meets the age (50), etc requirements:
    With the Evergreen Club, you can experience delightful hospitality in members' private homes for less than $25 per couple, per day. Enjoy a restful stay in your host's guest room, a tasty breakfast, friendly conversation and sightseeing tips. More often than not, you'll leave with new and lasting friendships.
  • Affordable Travel : In order to become a member, you must be at least 40 years of age, have a permanent residence, and be able to provide clean, comfortable, and private sleeping quarters and either full or continental breakfast for two or more guests. (49 states and 50 countries)

There are others, I imagine, that I am not familiar with. You learn of more as you join and experience meeting other members.

Our first experience was when we joined Wayside about ten (10) years ago. When we told friends we had joined the reaction was, "What is it, for people who can't afford to travel? How can you stay with strangers you've never met" We replied, " I don't think so, we have stayed in some very nice homes and met interesting, friendly people who, once they open the door to us, we are no longer strangers. We love Wayside!

We have now joined Evergreen, in addition to Wayside and stayed with several people on a recent trip across our nation. As always, we met wonderful people who made our travels very comfortable and affordable. Three weeks on the road would have cost us thousands, instead, we spent an average of $20.00 each night and that included breakfast each morning! $420.00 compared to at least $2100.00 is a real savings and we had the pleasure of meeting great people along the way!

We traveled from our home in California, through Arizona, New Mexico, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah and Nevada , never having to rent a hotel room.

The trees were turning beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red as we drove down country back roads taking in all the sights along the way.

I hope you enjoy all the pictures I am sharing and when you join one of the clubs, Bon Voyage!!

Another great way for Seniors to travel is with Elder Hostels-check out my hub about them!

Places to go, things to do!

driving along
driving along


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    • profile image

      aimer 5 years ago

      Very interesting Betty! While this type of travel may not be for everyone, I'm sure those involved really enjoy it!